Susana Vélez

Susana Velez Haller

South Pole

Susana Vélez Haller, is a forest engineer from the National University of Colombia. She holds a specialisation in environmental management from the School of Mines of the same university and completed a master's degree in sustainable resource management at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Susana has more than 12 years of experience in the Colombian environmental sector, she has held positions both in the public and private sector. In recent years, she has focused her career on the integrated management of climate change. Her experience includes the formulation of projects, their technical and administrative coordination, the construction of public policies and work with local communities. Susana has participated in the construction of the National REDD Strategy for Colombia (Estrategia de Lucha Integral contra la Deforestación) from the different positions she has held. Specifically, she has contributed to the process of construction of the national scheme of safeguards for Colombia and on the strategy of community monitoring for deforestation. She has participated in the construction of sub-national strategies to fight deforestation such as Visión Amazonía and Visión Pacífico, which are part of the REDD Early Movers (REM) program of the German Government. Her specific experience includes public policy formulation, international negotiation, low-carbon development, ecosystem protection as a strategy for natural adaptation to climate change, low-carbon development, GHG emission mitigation and carbon markets.

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