Opportunity for Conservation and Restoration projects

As your expert partner, South Pole will help channel climate finance and provide the technical know-how for you to measure, monitor and monetise the emission reductions achieved by your project. By developing carbon assets from your project you can earn an additional revenue stream to support your planet-saving activities.

To be considered projects must meet either of the following minimum requirements:

Ecosystem protection projects – minimum 10,000 ha of standing forest or larger than 5,000 hectares of carbon rich ecosystems, such as peat land or mangroves.

Restoration projects – must have the potential to restore at least 1,200 hectares

Why work with South Pole?

South Pole operates at the intersection of private sector investors and implementation partners, we are looking for projects that could benefit from climate finance to create certified emission reductions.

As one of the only truly global carbon asset developmers, with over 1000 experts in 36 offices, we have the ability to facilitate transactions globally. Our diverse team can be your carbon asset development and in specific cases, finance partners for NBS project development work, taking care of end-to-end transactions of carbon credits and other payments for environmental services.

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What's in it for you?

In order to build and implement innovative solutions to address climate change, selected projects or partners will receive: support on low-level, short-term financing in specific cases if required by the project; high-level technical guidance; advisory covering the entire carbon development process.

Project delivery would be the full responsibility of the applicant, but South Pole will guide you from feasibility all the way through to issuing verified carbon credits and on-going monitoring.

We also provide the option of joining a community of practice, where South Pole and other relevant partners offer a mix of project specific support and general learning sessions, including basic training support to all successful applicants.

Detailed Project Requirements

REDD+ (Forest Protection & Conservation)

  • The focus is mid and large scale project areas >10,000 hectares of standing forest; (or more than 5,000 hectares in carbon rich environments such as peat or mangroves)
  • Has a well defined and existing management plan for the area (or willing to work with others to develop one if they do not have the technical capacity to do so)
  • Have well established and positive relationships with communities in the immediate area of the project

General Requirements

  • Clear understanding of socioeconomic and biophysical drivers of deforestation
  • Demonstrable capacity to address these drivers
  • Demonstrable understanding of local and regional ecology
  • Land tenure and carbon rights are secured or demonstrable understanding of process to secure

Please note: we require maps of the project area (maps file types: .kml, .kmz, or .shp)

Desirable: The activities will create/protect habitat of endangered species

Forest Restoration

  • Potential to restore at least 1,200 ha
  • Demonstrable restoration experience which can be built upon and scaled - minimum 100 ha already under restoration management
  • Forest restoration/management plan has been developed or partner organisation has the capacity to develop one with limited technical support
  • If the reforestation is in a commercial plantation - would need to either have FSC, or have at least 10% of non-commercial areas for conservation purposes
    • Should not be a monoculture plantation
    • Should be planted with a significant proportion of native tree species

How to apply

Complete our online eligibility questionnaire

Please be aware that meeting the basic requirements does not guarantee support or partnership with South Pole. All submissions within a calendar month are reviewed, as a group, after the end of the month. Applicants will be notified prior to the end of the subsequent calendar month of the status of their submission. Proposals will be open until further notice. Is your project eligible?

For questions or comments, please contact