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This where we cherry pick the latest news and views on climate change and how its effects are already making waves in our economies, societies and daily lives. Tune into the fresh perspectives and opinions from both our own experts and other great movers & shakers on the climate scene and read uplifting stories from our climate protection projects across the world. Have an idea or topic you'd like to learn more about? Get in touch with [email protected] - our experts have it covered!

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance Takes Off in 2020

Director of Sustainable Finance
US sustainable finance

Sustainable finance will lead US action on climate

Ingmar Schuurmans, Director of Sustainable Finance, Anirudh Valluri

The American financial sector is increasingly concerned about climate change, and is uniquely poised to drive action.

Leading Sustainably:  The importance of a sustainability-savvy board

Leading Sustainably: The importance of a sustainability-savvy board

Director of Sustainable Finance, Trista Bridges, Donald

At the National Association for Corporate Directors (NACD) Summit 2020, writer Anand Giridharadas set off a firestorm when he chastised thousands of attendees from around the world for failing to prevent or even respond in a substantive way to devastating issues, such as the climate emergency, disinformation and the opioid crisis.

The Green Deal series: Part 2 – What the financial industry needs to know about the EU Taxonomy

The Green Deal series: Part 2 – What the financial industry needs to know about the EU Taxonomy

Ingmar Schuurmans

This post focuses on the effects of the new EU Taxonomy, a central tool for the actual implementation of the EU Green Deal, specifically in financing Europe’s sustainable growth.


Betting on biodiversity: how financial institutions can invest in the irreplaceable power of nature

Director of Sustainable Finance

A year ago, at the launch of COP26's Private Finance Agenda, David Attenborough called on the finance sector to take the lead on climate action and nature protection. He has since laid out the shocking reduction in wilderness between the 1930s to today in his 2020 Netflix documentary. In parallel, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the link between biodiversity and financial risk ever more clear.

The skills needed for sustainable finance

The skills needed for sustainable finance

Director of Sustainable Finance

If short-term profits are prioritised above all else, our planet's resources will be over-consumed without the time to regenerate. Sustainable finance offers an approach that may help us avoid future calamities, not to mention long-term topics like climate change.

Nordic climate action

Keeping it cool - the Nordic way of climate action

Ingmar Schuurmans

Flash forward: it is 2075 and we’ve set sail for the RCP 8.5 trajectory for 2100, the worst case climate scenario according to the IPCC. Imagine this: Pacific islands such as Tuvalu have long sunk into a rising ocean, heat and pollution take a toll on the global population, hurricanes and fires devastate poor communities on a regular basis, and huge swaths of Asia and Africa have become uninhabitable due to heat and drought. Quick shift back to the present: luckily we are not there. However, we are still far away from the emissions trajectory necessary for a 1.5 degrees Celsius global warming.

A sustainable COVID-19 recovery: The case for green loan guarantees

A sustainable COVID-19 recovery: The case for green loan guarantees

Martin Stadelmann

Stakeholders are demanding that we #BuildBackBetter; Green loan guarantees by governments are a proven instrument to bring about positive change – and speed up sustainable recovery efforts post-COVID19.

South Pole project development

Canada Environmental Trailblazer: Ties bailouts to TCFD reporting

Director of Sustainable Finance

Covid-19 has brought irreversible changes to our society and economic systems. As we turn our attention towards rebuilding resilient economies, government policy on recovery is now top of mind. Bailout conditions in particular are capturing people’s attention. Leading the way, Canada has connected state aid with climate action.

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