Sustainably reforesting Paraguay

Creating sustainable timber forests from degraded grasslands


For nearly 500 years, Paraguay has extended its grasslands and prairies for cattle farming, the main export of the country being high-quality beef. Where the land historically was deforested and turned into these expansive grasslands, the soil over the years has been severely degraded by the trampling hooves of cows. As deforestation continues to sweep through the Amazon rainforest, it has become vital to reforest such areas to relieve pressure on South America’s natural resources and curb harmful carbon emissions from the Earth’s atmosphere.

Afforestation, Reforestation Revegetation (ARR)

Sustainable Development Goals

5. Gender Equality

Increase in labor participation for women

to strengthen gender equality

8. Decent work and economic growth

Job opportunities and fair workers’ right

ensured for local workers

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Investment into research

of the land’s natural resources

13. Climate Action

72,000 tonnes of CO2

will be removed on average annually

15. Life on land

2,716 hectares of degraded land afforested and managed sustainably

with 25% of the established forest maintained and protected  in line with Paraguayan law.

The Solution

Based in eastern Paraguay, the project has already reforested 2,716 hectares of land, with a further 1,112 hectares to be established in the coming years. The project plants fast-growing trees to be sustainably managed and forested for timber, charcoal, and wood chips in order to satisfy the country’s consumption needs. 


The Impact

This project is sustainable development at its finest. Not only does it benefit the climate, by sequestering critical carbon and relieving the pressure on the Amazon Rainforest’s resources in a clean and sustainable way, it also greatly helps local, underserved communities in Paraguay. It creates fair employment, wages, and training for workers, opportunities for women, and improved infrastructure such as roads, all while meeting the country’s demand for wood.

Project ID: 303175

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