Our workshop will help you make informed decisions on your renewable energy procurement by deepening your understanding of the various options available and their associated risks and benefits.

It focuses on:

  • introducing the criteria relevant to defining a renewable energy procurement strategy
  • understanding the advantages and limitations of the available solutions
  • your current demand and business structure and any anticipated changes
  • allowing for growth and change
  • price, price, return, risk, impact - setting your priorities

Renewable energy sourcing solutions available in different markets include:

  • green tariffs
  • energy attribute certificates (EACs), such as GOs, RECs, or I-RECs
  • corporate physical and virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs)
  • on-site renewables
  • hybrid solutions

It will give you the foundation to develop global, national, or regional renewable energy strategies and execution plans.

One of our EAC projects: Bac lieu wind farm, Vietnam

One of our EAC projects: Bac lieu wind farm, Vietnam

Renewable energy procurement

Challenges clients face Opportunities clients realise
  1. stakeholders demand a sustainability strategy, including commitments to RE100, setting Science-Based Targets (SBTs) and adopting CSR targets
  2. local electricity markets are volatile and bring the risk of increasing power prices
  3. understanding power price forecasts is time consuming and managing wholesale market risks requires a high-level of expertise
  1. secure long-term affordable electricity with improved price visibility
  2. reduce carbon emissions and meet renewables targets
  3. demonstrate leadership on climate change to internal and external stakeholders

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