Welcome to 2021, the year in which we promise to build back better in the UK and Ireland. To begin, Prince Charles published the Terra Carta - a charter for sustainable business, and later this year the UK will host COP26 in Glasgow. Positive change is in the air and no matter where you are on the climate journey, we're ready to support your organisation's climate action.

To help inspire change in your organisation, and stay ahead of the competition, we've helpfully rounded-up some of 2020's leading climate pledges from across the UK, Ireland and further afield.

Leading climate commitments on the Net Zero journey

Despite the unprecedented situation COVID-19 has caused many UK and Irish businesses, an increasing number of organisations accelerated their carbon reduction plans in 2020. Across the globe we saw a record number of climate commitments from the private and public sector, as well as increased ambition from national governments. The UK government set out its Ten Point Green Plan to meet the country's Net Zero target by 2050, and the Irish government committed to lowering its greenhouse gas emissions by 7% per annum to achieve Net Zero.

You can see some of these leading corporate climate action commitments in the infographic below:

infographic - uk corporate climate commitments 2020

Want to understand how you're doing against your organisation's competition?

This infographic is just the tip of the climate action iceberg – it includes leading brands and their public climate action commitments in 2020. At South Pole, we offer a competitive benchmarking service to help you understand your sustainability positioning vis-a-vis your own industry peers, industry best practices and stakeholder expectations. Contact our team to find out more.

So what's next for 2021?

The momentum of most companies on climate action seems unhindered. The first movers to pursue corporate Net Zero targets, and match their ambition with quantifiable action, will be the leaders and advocates for changing the way we do better business. As corporate boards take stock, revamp their strategies and respond to investor expectations, now is the time to align COVID-19 recovery plans with pathways to Net Zero.

No matter where you are on your Climate Journey, make it your 2021 priority to take the next step towards Net Zero.

South Pole's five-phase framework towards climate leadership provides the structure and tools needed to help corporates achieve their sustainability goals. Start your Climate Journey with South Pole today.