EU Climate-KIC Estudio de caso

Case Study: Automated Tool To Assess Land Use Related Climate Risks For Investors

The goal

To identify data availability, data gaps, and needs to enable the financial sector to better manage land use related climate risks.

The challenge

Currently, investors aiming to direct investments to deforestation free or low physical climate risk companies can only identify these through disclosure information, labelling and other certification data. This information is not always available, particularly for SMEs, and often imperfect as, for example, only 30% of CDP reporting companies can trace their consumption all the way to their point of origin.

The solution

South Pole developed a standardised methodology to support investors assessing GHG impacts, deforestation and other physical risks (e.g. water scarcity and droughts, increased weather extremes) associated with their investment portfolios. South Pole used its sustainability expertise across GHG accounting, forestry and water to develop a flexible framework that allows the incorporation of different public data sources (e.g. OASIS, FAO land use data, CDP, corporates CSR, GIS databases) to produce estimates of climate risks and GHG impacts at the company level in a cost-effective way.

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