LM Wind Power Estudio de caso

Case Study: LM Wind Power's Journey to Carbon Neutrality

LM Wind Power overcame challenges in greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and in selecting decarbonisation and renewable energy solutions with the help of South Pole. The company was successful in delivering on its carbon neutrality commitment, a global first in the wind industry, and in evolving its CleanLM sustainability programme.

The goal

For years, LM Wind Power has publicly shared its commitment to sustainability, recently pledging to become carbon neutral by 2018. This pledge includes evolving the #CleanLM sustainability programme by setting even more aggressive energy efficiency targets, ensuring all sites are powered by renewable electricity and ensuring carbon credit financing supports sustainable development in the markets they operate in.

LM Wind Power wants to ensure that their workforce shares the vision of the CleanLM programme, which is why employee engagement is another core success metric for the company.

The challenge

LM Wind Power's biggest challenge was gathering and validating data to ensure the robustness of the GHG accounting work, as well as identifying actionable opportunities in energy efficiency and emission reductions. The sustainability team had to educate other internal stakeholders on the technical details of available solutions and instruments used to achieve carbon neutrality. Furthermore, LM Wind Power had to understand the legal, technical and commercial viability of setting up green electricity for all their sites in the long run.

The solution

South Pole helped LM Wind Power with their GHG accounting, ensuring that accounting procedures were in line with the GHG Protocol, and with mapping out efficiency gains and emission reduction opportunities together with local teams. In addition, South Pole's experts in GHG accounting, energy efficiency and decarbonisation solutions worked together with LM Wind Power to define an operational carbon reduction roadmap.

With this collaboration, LM Wind Power was able to identify clear cost reductions and operational efficiencies, including millions of Euros in annual savings on electricity use, to reach their company-wide target of carbon neutrality by 2018, and to inspire employees thanks to their leadership in the industry.

Get to know Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen, Senior Manager, Communications & Sustainability at LM Wind Power. We interviewed her for our blog, here!

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