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Preserving the Albertine Rift Corridor

Clean cooking solutions are reducing deforestation of critically important chimpanzee habitat and improving health of local people


In the project area, 95% of families depend on wood (and other non-renewable biomass like charcoal and crop residues) to fuel open fires for cooking. As well as increasing pressure on surrounding forests, the smoke these fires cause leads to an increased likelihood of respiratory illness. Women and children are often burdened with collecting firewood, meaning they have less time for other activities such as paid work or education.

Cooking Stoves

Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

Good Health and Well-Being

28,200 people

will benefit from improved health thanks to less indoor smoke

Gender Equality

Women are empowered

with more free time and better health thanks to the efficient stoves

Affordable and Clean Energy

6,000 cookstoves

distributed giving households access to affordable and clean energy technology

Climate Action

24,600+ tonnes of CO₂e

mitigated on average per year

Life on land

2.90+ tons of firewood

is saved per year by each efficient cookstoves, reducing pressure on surrounding forest

The Solution

Together with the Jane Goodall Institute – Uganda, the project distributes energy efficient cookstoves to households in areas surrounding the Albertine Rift corridor, replacing traditional inefficient ones. The efficient cookstoves will be distributed at a highly-subsidised cost, ensuring access for families who would not otherwise have the economic means to purchase them.

The Albertine Rift forests are most famous for their population of chimpanzees, who’s continued survival depends on unfragmented healthy ecosystems.

The Impact

Thanks to the stoves, the amount of indoor air smoke inside family homes will be greatly reduced, ensuring cleaner air and better health. The local standard of living will be greatly improved by the community spending less time collecting wood fuel and cooking, thereby allowing greater opportunity to focus on other household tasks or areas of economic development. For the environment not only do the efficient cookstoves reduce GHG emissions but pressure of forests is severely reduced.


Project Progress


Project Progress

The project launches

The project reduces pressure on the Budongo-Bugoma Corridor forest, which is home to critically important chimpanzee populations


Project Progress

Covid-safe distribution

With the pandemic, the project has taken strict precautions so the new cookstoves can be safely distributed to families in western Uganda. The distribution starts in July for around 6 months. The team demonstrates how to use the cookstove properly and takes detailed notes of the location so the stoves can be checked in the coming years.

Project ID: 302735

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