Your role is to get your company's sustainability ambitions on track and you know that renewable energy is just the ticket; using renewable energy helps you report reduced emissions and has a cost saving potential.

But defining the best renewable energy procurement strategy to reduce emissions and choosing between the multiple solutions available across different markets is challenging.

Solutions vary in their availability and feasibility and could include:

  • green tariffs
  • Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs), such as GOs, I-RECs or RECs
  • corporate PPAs (physical and virtual)
  • on-site renewables

From strategy definition to implementation

Our team of experts can help you navigate your renewable energy purchasing options.

We can support you in defining:

  • the best mix of solutions across your markets to reach your global targets and generate cost savings; and
  • a global strategy for your interim and long-term goals as well as the potential risks you might encounter along the way and how to avoid them.

We help you implement:

  • the agreed strategy by using our expertise and global network of EAC project owners, PPA counterparties and developers.

We monitor and report:

  • the renewable energy procurement through our proprietary project management software 'Antarctica'.

Credible reporting: We assure the defined strategy is compliant with major sustainability reporting initiatives.

Credible claims around renewable energy consumption require recognised solutions. All proposed solutions are recognised under the GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance and enable you to achieve your renewable energy commitments and objectives within the following frameworks:

CDP, Leed and SBT logos

Want to make a public claim?

Our best-in-class labels are aligned with the highest international standards

South Pole's 'Powered by 100% Renewable Electricity' label is closely aligned with the international RE100 commitment. To obtain the label, all electricity must come from renewable sources and evidence of this, in the form of contracts or certificates, must be provided.

This includes defining the reporting entity's operations as per the GHG Protocol (all Scope 2 emissions relating to the reporting entity's activities and any Scope 1 emissions relating to the generation of electricity by the entity).

To find out more, please contact us or refer to our Technical Guidance.

We help companies achieve and report renewable energy leadership using our labels or through the RE100 initiative.

Why choose renewables

By defining and executing a renewable energy sourcing strategy, you can:

  • ensure long-term electricity cost affordability and improved price visibility;
  • reduce carbon emissions and meet sustainability targets;
  • demonstrate leadership on climate change to internal and external stakeholders.

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