Récupération de gaz d’enfouissement Everbright

Écologiser le réseau électrique de l'Est avec des ressources renouvelables


Type de projet

Objectifs de développement durable

7. Energie propre et d’un coût abordable

24,992 MWh of sustainable electricity

exported on average annually to the grid

8. Travail décent et croissance économique

24  jobs created

for permanent positions for project operation, boosting the local economy

10. Inégalités réduites

10. Reduced Inequalities

12. Consommation et production responsables

Waste management promoted

by this project, showcasing innovation in sustainable industries

13. Mesures relatives à la lutte contre les changements climatiques

137,000 tonnes of CO2e reduced

annually on average, through avoided methane emissions and fossil fuel displacement

Le projet

To keep methane from damaging our climate and to make use of its potential as a sustainable energy source, this project has set up a landfill gas collection system to manage both solid waste disposal and local energy supply in a sustainable way. The landfill is covered, and via wells and pipes the captured methane is then fed into gas processing systems and finally burnt in four incineration units, each with an installed capacity of 1.25 MW. In the end, the generated electricity is fed into the grid to supply the inhabitants of Suzhou with clean, non-fossil energy.


Les résultats

Beyond contributing to climate action, this project benefits local communities in a range of ways. The project has created 20 regular employment positions in the plant operation and during the construction period, up to 54 people were employed. The project owner offers jobs for local people and all workers receive regular training. Trained local employees had the opportunity to exchange experiences with representatives from Australia and New Zealand, to learn from each other and support international technology exchange. The project owner has also provided funding for a Master course of Engineering with the School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Qinghua and a scholarship program for the local business school to support higher education in the region.

Project ID: 300259
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