Vaupés Indigenous Reserve

This early opportunity is strengthening Indigenous identity and protecting ancestral lands


By engaging with community members, the project aims to deeply understand how climate change and loss of land affects the traditional way of life in the area. The result was to design tools and strengthen governance structures that empower the communities to protect their land and natural resources from growing threats of deforestation.

Forest Protection

Sustainable Development Goals

2. Zero Hunger

Enhanced food security

through traditional, sustainable community growing plots, fish ponds and chicken programmes

4. Quality Education

Training for local communities

in resource management, land-use and technical training

5. Gender Equality

Women empowerment

by promoting income generating activities, such as artisan projects for Yurutí women

8. Decent work and economic growth

By developing new and sustainable

income opportunities

11. Sustainable communities and cities

Strengthening indigenous identity

and values through the recovery of traditional spaces and practices

13. Climate Action

390,000 tonnes of CO2e mitigated

on average annually

15. Life on land

809,664 hectares protected

increasing biodiversity and preventing deforestation of ancestral territory

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Promoting peaceful institutions

and governance structures

The Solution

The project is protecting part of the Amazon rainforest, specifically the Great Vaupés reservation in southeastern Colombia by avoiding unplanned deforestation. This is achieved firstly by strengthening local governance structures according to the customs of the communities. Secondly, degraded areas of forest are restored with timber and fruit trees and endemic palms, this is reconnecting habitat for wildlife and facilitating the exchange of traditional knowledge linked to planting of species with cultural value. Thirdly, the project builds on traditional practices to create new sustainable income streams so indigenous communities can secure income without cutting down more forests; and sustainable, secure food systems to increase welfare.


The Impact

With the Amazon increasingly under threat, empowering Indigenous communities, who have looked after their forests for millennia is the cornerstone to long-term conservation. Through the various project activities, the project is not only protecting the forest and wildlife of the Great Vaupés reservation, but also the rich, unique cultural heritage and knowledge of the region. The project helps the recovery of ancestral traditions and practices that strengthen indigenous identity and values by developing initiatives specifically for youth, women, the elderly.

Project ID: 302291

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