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Case Study: Leading Carpet Manufacturer Meets Sustainability Goals with Renewable Energy

Interface is committed to improving energy efficiency and sourcing renewable energy globally whenever possible. The company needed a trusted partner to help operationalise their goals in different markets - taking into account their factories in Thailand and China. By choosing South Pole's GoldPower renewable energy solution, Interface has been able to operationalise their sustainability goals, better engage with their stakeholders, and help transform the way the world creates electricity.

The challenge

As a global company, Interface has seven factories around the world with differing energy sources. Thus the development of a holistic strategy to source renewable energies required a dynamic partner who could adjust to changing environments and had an in-depth understanding of global markets.

The solution

Interface chose GoldPower, the world's first global renewable energy label, to support them in their quest to better source renewable energy. Developed by our Australian subsidiary Climate Friendly, GoldPower was uniquely positioned to provide renewable energy for Interface in challenging markets, and our global South Pole team was able to support the company's local teams in regional facilities.

The key benefits for Interface Inc.

A reliable partner:

  • Our South Pole team is a global one – our local offices in, for example, China and Australia, are able to support the local Interface teams to better understand their options regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency.

A global solution:

  • GoldPower, our renewable energy product, not only ensures the highest quality renewable energy for Interface but has real, positive impacts on communities and the environment in developing countries. It also offers one globally consistent standard regardless of where operations are located, thus covering the supply of renewable energy to Interface's factories in, for instance, Thailand.

Enhanced stakeholder communication:

  • Interface has been able to communicate with their clients, employees and government stakeholders about the benefits created by choosing GoldPower - transforming the way the world creates electricity while positively impacting the lives of communities in developing countries.

Competitive pricing:

  • Interface found the ideal solution to support their efforts at a competitive price.

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