Planetair and Groenbalans Fallstudie

Case Study: Partnering for Premium Carbon Credits

Offer a wide and diversified project portfolio, and provide marketing material and compelling stories that go beyond GHG reductions.

About the clients

Groenbalans is a Dutch company that helps companies with implementing their sustainability strategy, with the end goal of realising a carbon neutral enterprise according to a three phase objective: reducing emissions, implementing renewable energy solutions and carbon offsetting.

Planetair is a Canada based outfit launched by the UNISFÉRA International Centre, an international and independent not-forprofit strategic advisory firm and think tank focused on governance, sustainability, corporate responsibility and international development.

ECODES (Fundacion Ecologia y Desarrollo, is an independent Spanish non profit acting in favor of a green, responsible and inclusive economy.

What is the context?

The demand for carbon offsets is on the rise and the market is currently dominated by high number of different carbon credit providers. Retailers are keen to find a trustworthy and reliable partner who can satisfy their needs by delivering highly sophisticated products. Nonetheless there are only a handful of carbon providers who have longstanding experience in developing emissions reduction projects on the ground, can offer a wide and diversified project portfolio, and can provide marketing material and compelling stories that go beyond GHG reductions.

What was the challenge?

Competitive pricing and a wide selection of solutions

Groenbalans was looking for a portfolio of carbon offset projects that was competitively priced and broad enough to comply with their customers' needs. In addition to carbon offset projects, Groenbalans wanted to be able to provide alternative solutions in case customers needed several sustainable projects to choose from. Groenbalans was looking for a service provider who was quick to react to any project-related inquiries with adequate support.

A good reputation and a rigorous approach

For Planetair, it was important to choose a partner who had a very good reputation and a rigorous approach to carbon offsetting. Planetair did not want a partner whose reputation might jeopardise theirs. Moreover, Planetair was looking for a provider who they could truly partner with for the longterm.

Robust validation and co-benefits

ECODES wanted to work with a partner who was able to provide a selection of projects from various geographical locations while meeting the requirements of rigorous standards such as the Gold Standard, VCS and Social Carbon. The organisation additionally sought out a provider who would make the purchasing of credits easy for a small retailer. Another crucial factor for ECODES was the ability of the projects to not only reduce GHG emissions, but also improve the social conditions of local communities and protect biodiversity.

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