South Pole and Climb For Climate partner to inspire global climate action

08 Aug 2018 von South Pole / Climb For Climate Aktuelles

Global sustainability solutions provider South Pole is proud to ensure the climate neutrality of climbers' Peter Sandahl (Sweden) and Danny Uhlmann's (United States) 100-day mission to summit all 82 peaks in the Alps to raise awareness about climate change.

The Climb For Climate mission is tracking the climbers' live progress with the help of GPS and ongoing image updates on social media to raise awareness of climate change in the mountains. With extreme climate records continuing to be set, including a record low Arctic winter sea ice, a summer heatwave in Europe and atmospheric CO2 concentrations passing the psychological barrier of 400 parts per million, the duo wants to show the very real impacts climate change is having on the fragile Alpine ecosystems.

"It is a whole ecosystem that is being disrupted when glaciers retreat, snow cover diminishes and the permafrost, which keeps the mountains together, melts. This means less water where and when we need it, in our communities, farms and businesses," says Peter Sandahl, co-founder, Climb for Climate. "The Alps is a special place when it comes to climate change. We wanted to use the Climb for Climate initiative to both increase the awareness about the dramatic effects that we are seeing and also to inspire to change. With only a few days left of our mission, I believe we have succeeded in both."

Charlie Henderson, corporate climate change expert at South Pole, commented: "In the face of complex challenges posed by a changing climate, transforming energy, transport and food systems for the benefit of our planet, people and economy is our best chance to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. By offsetting the small volume of unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions of the expedition using our Gold Standard renewable energy project in a hilly region in Turkey, we are showing that all action counts and can make a positive difference to people on the ground. We're proud to be part of Climb For Climate's efforts to inspire a broader movement for climate action - especially among leading businesses - that goes beyond the project itself."

By making the journey of this remarkable Alpine adventure known to the rest of the world, Climb For Climate has already inspired action from Nordea, the largest financial group in Northern Europe: the company has committed to moving EUR 700 million away from fossil fuels and into sustainable investments.

More about Climb For Climate:

More about the Koru Wind Power project in Turkey:
Located in western Turkey, this bundled wind power project has a 50 MW capacity with 16 turbines spanning several hilltops and multiple villages across the district.

By powering homes in the surrounding area with renewable wind power this project also creates a range of economic and social benefits for surrounding communities. Jobs have been created for both the construction and the ongoing maintenance of the plant, as the Koru Wind Power Plant continues to employ workers from surrounding villages. In addition, the quality of employment is improved, as local workers are trained in specialist operational knowledge.

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