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Genneia Solar Project

A pivotal project for South America's renewable energy transition


Argentina has abundant renewable energy resources, with year-round sunshine in the northwest region, where this project is located. However, the country is behind its smaller neighbours when turning these resources into a reliable power source. Instead, Argentina relies heavily on fossil-fuel based power and the national grid operates at near capacity, leaving Buenos Aires and other cities prone to blackouts.


Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung

Affordable and Clean Energy

208,000 MWh

of clean and renewable electricity generated on average each year

Decent work and economic growth

Green jobs

created thanks to the project, supporting a socially just climate transition

Industry, Innovation and Infrasctruture

Resilient renewable energy infrastructure

will propel Argentina to a low-carbon future

Climate Action

84,000 tonnes of CO2e

mitigated on average each year

The Solution

This project helps to combat these problems by installing more than 280,000 solar panels across large 3 solar farms in Argentina’s western San Juan region. Thanks to these panels, the endless energy of the beating sun is converted into clean and renewable electricity for the country’s national grid.


The Impact

With solar still accounting for only 2% of the country’s electricity generation, this pioneering project is paving the way for a clean, sustainable energy future. The project reduces dependence on fossil-fuels and slashes harmful greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing energy security in the country and creating green growth.

Project ID: 302599

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