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Bamako Clean Cookstoves - Improving livelihoods and fighting desertification in the Sahel zone

Improving livelihoods and fighting desertification in the Sahel zone


Over half of Mali is covered by the Sahara Desert, and its sparse forests are threatened by further desertification, bushfires and land clearing for farming and firewood – up to 90 per cent of people in Mali's rely on burning wood and charcoal to meet their energy needs. Traditional cooking methods use open-fire indoor stoves that emit harmful smoke.


Sustainable Development Goals

No Poverty

241 USD saved

by each household on average annually through use of the more efficient Sewa stoves, freeing up more income for other essentials

Good Health and Well-Being

73,100 stoves

distributed so families can enjoy a healthier kitchen environment

Gender Equality

Women are empowered

as the time-consumer task of collected firewood is eased

Affordable and Clean Energy

30-40% less fuel

is needed by the ‘Sewa’ cookstoves compared to traditional cookstoves

Responsible consumption and production

Locally-made stoves

are designed to last on average 5 years of daily use

Climate Action

198,000 tonnes of CO2e

reduced on average per year through reduced fuel requirements and avoided deforestation

Life on land

Less pressure on forests

as the cookstoves requires less fuel

The Solution


The Impact

The project reduces wood and charcoal consumption, alleviating pressure on forests while offering families financial relief from rising fuel costs. Women and children benefit from faster and safer cooking, and public health is improved as people are less exposed to harmful smoke from traditional open-fire cooking. Cooking on traditional cookstoves is deeply entrenched in Mali as many people do not have the resources to upgrade to a safer option. With carbon finance, this project is breaking the trend and changing lives by making clean efficient cookstoves accessible to communities around the country.

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