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NCX Forest Protection

This early opportunity project is empowering landowners with satellite data to enhance carbon stocks and improve carbon capture of North American forests


Protecting American forests represents a tremendous opportunity for climate change mitigation. With approximately 30% of the country covered in trees, forests in the U.S. remove the equivalent of about 12% of annual U.S. fossil fuel emissions. But too often it's more economically viable for landowners to harvest the trees on their plot than to protect them.

Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung

Quality Education

Training held for landowners

on forest management and carbon finance

Decent work and economic growth

Sustainable local jobs

created by the project

Climate Action

Climate action

by reducing the amount of trees that are cut down, keeping thriving carbon-rich forests

Life on land

Forest area is increased

strengthening biodiversity and local ecosystem services

The Solution

NCX, the Natural Capital Exchange, is changing this. Enrolled forested land is measured annually, acre by acre, down to the tree species and diameter level. Through a predictive model of harvesting activity, size and species of trees, and the local economics of each acre of forest, NCX assesses the business as usual behavior on an acre of land and incentivizes change directly with landowners. Measurement is done at the beginning and end of the yearly fulfillment cycle, with payment delivered to participating landowners upon delivery of impact.


The Impact

NCX is creating a unique data-driven approach to forest protection. Now, anyone from rural family landowners with as little as 36 acres to universities and others with significant amounts of managed forest effectively has access to carbon finance. This means they can move from logging to preserving their trees, keeping the carbon safely stored.

Project ID: 303402