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Protecting the Predio Putumayo Indigenous Reserve

Strengthening conservation through Indigenous leadership in the Amazon Rainforest


The Amazon Rainforest makes up nearly a third of all the tropical rainforest left on Earth and it acts as a vital carbon sink which stabilises the global climate. Colombia is home to 10% of the Amazon, however certain reserves have become significantly degraded due to deforestation for agriculture and timber. The project is located between the Putumayo and Caquetá rivers and spans part of the largest remaining area of continuous rainforest in Colombia.

Forest Protection
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Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung

Zero Hunger

Food security

enhanced through the sustainable use of natural resources

Quality Education

Technical courses on REDD+

for community members as well as new initiatives to establish Indigenous wisdom

Gender Equality

Strengthen the position of women

in the modern indigenous world

Decent work and economic growth

New sustainable income streams

and job opportunities

Climate Action

2,365,000 tonnes of CO2e

avoided on average annually

Life on land

3,893,277 hectares

of Amazon rainforest is under protection

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Traditional governance structures

and autonomy of Indigenous communities are strengthened

Partnerships for the goals

4 Indigenous groups

(AATIs) have joined with national and International partners to develop and carry out the project

The Solution

The project stems from a community initiative aimed at identifying, prioritising, and implementing action towards sustainable forest management. Through participatory and inclusive methods, it drives reforestation and conservation based on the Indigenous traditions which teach the people to use the land with the least impact on its biodiversity. In this way, it promotes the ancestral Amazonas way of living with mutual respect for the forest, its vegetation, and what it provides for the planet on a global scale.


The Impact

Not only does this project work towards a low-carbon future, with reforestation and restoration of the area sequestering planet-warming CO2, it also preserves and protects the Indigenous cultures and traditions which have been tied to the forest for centuries. It promotes sustainable development, strengthens local governance, and conserves the forest's biodiversity, moving towards an improved global climate.

Project ID: 302538