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Sustainable Timber Plantations

Supporting viable reforestation in West Africa


West Africa has lost almost 90% of its forest to deforestation. Rapid deforestation in this area was caused by an increase in international interest which stripped the country of its raw commodities, as well as bush fires, unsustainable farming practises and logging taking the last remaining trees. It leaves Ghana threatened by major environmental and socio-economic impacts.

Forest Regeneration

Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung

Quality Education

Trainings provided

to the local community

Decent work and economic growth

Increased job opportunities

for local people

Climate Action

35,000 tonnes of CO2e

is expected to be mitigated on average per year

Life on land

4,174 hectares

reforested with carefully-selected trees species

The Solution

The project plants carefully selected species of trees across the Boumfoum, Chirimfa and Awura Forest Reserves. By expanding the plantation area at a rate of 1,500 hectares per year for 6 years, the project restores these dangerously degraded reserves. The trees, including eucalyptus, teak and acacia, are best for the production of sustainable timber. Working in consultation with local farmers, the project also establishes controlled agroforestry, keeping the land full of nutrients for sustainable subsistence farming.


The Impact

The plantation drives a low emissions future, with reforestation of the area removing harmful greenhouse gases from the Earth’s atmosphere. On a local level, the project promotes sustainable cultivation of trees for timber and it also ensures financial security for the local community, with the land leased on fair, long term agreements and vast training and employment opportunities created for work on the project land.

Project ID: 302583
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