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‘Guanaré’ Forest Plantations on degraded grasslands under extensive grazing

Converting degraded cattle land into biodiverse forest

Republik Östlich des Uruguay

The rural landscape of eastern Uruguay is characterised by the livestock industry: there is high unemployment and often precarious working conditions, with limited opportunities for women and youth. In the project area, overgrazing of grasslands and unsustainable agricultural practices has led to erosion, degradation and a decline in biodiversity.

Republik Östlich des Uruguay
Afforestation, Reforestation Revegetation (ARR)

Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung

Decent work and economic growth

New job opportunities

created in land management and timber harvesting

Climate Action

127,000 tonnes of CO2e

on average reduced annually

Life on land

20,877 hectares

of degraded land reforested

The Solution

The Guanaré Forest project involves rehabilitating four separate sites that have been grassland for more than 300 years by planting primarily eucalyptus tree species; over 1,000 seedlines are planted per hectares. This will establish sustainable woodlots throughout the grasslands, which will remain for pasture for cattle.


The Impact

In addition to restoring woodland habitat and bringing biodiversity back to the area, the project is also increasing the amount of carbon sequestered. By developing a sustainable timber industry (FSC standard), the project is increasing employment levels in this rural area tenfold. It will also contribute to regional development by working with small family businesses, increasing exports, incorporating modern technology into the timber industry and developing new production chains.

Project ID: 302134

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