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Our Story

Our Story

Viewing climate change as an opportunity

Viewing climate change as an opportunity

In 2006, five young social entrepreneurs got together and founded South Pole. From the beginning, diversity, partnership and entrepreneurship have been key values for the company – and these three values continue to drive the success of South Pole today.

South Pole has always stood for one, shared belief: that our economy and society can only thrive if businesses can embed sustainability and the environment into the heart of their activities.

Unique perspectives working together as one

As graduates of the prestigious Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), each one of the five founders had a unique perspective on ways to confront climate change; from promoting renewable energy, and protecting forests, land and water, to market-driven initiatives for companies and investors.

They quickly discovered that their different perspectives could work together as one.

After successfully founding the non-profit 'myclimate' they decided to position climate change as a business opportunity for visionary companies, and South Pole was born.

Drawing their motivation from the belief in a sustainable world, the founders built a fast-growing enterprise with a truly global reach. Our employees, heralding from over 30 different nationalities, have interdisciplinary backgrounds, as well as degrees from top universities and experience in both the public and private sectors.

South Pole Timeline

Our story begins in 2006...

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