Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) can help corporates mitigate price risk and translate carbon reduction commitments into tangible green energy investments. They also, however, present new complexities and a range of risks which need to be fully understood, mitigated, or reallocated. Educating colleagues internally and building senior-level buy-in is vital for project success but can also be challenging.

This workshop helps you establish if PPAs are right for your organisation by addressing three main questions:

1. How do PPAs work?

Understand the requirements of contracting via a PPA, from contract and pricing structures, to risk mitigation and other Term Sheet considerations.

Output: A broad understanding of Corporate PPAs and whether they could be utilised as part of your procurement strategy

2. Is a PPA right for my business?

We explore the position of buyers and sellers in a PPA transaction and the potential trade offs between price and risk allocation. We then examine your existing procurement and CSR strategies, project specifications, risk appetite and minimum requirements to consider how a PPA may or may not align with them.

Output: A deeper understanding of any key risk areas requiring further assessment

3. What would my PPA roadmap look like?

From needs analysis to final contract negotiation; we focus on how to build the business case for senior level buy-in and effectively source the most suitable, risk aligned, cost-competitive PPA.

Output: A project and risk evaluation matrix which can be used for bid evaluation in future market engagements

Corporate PPAs

$3.7bn saved
by 190 Fortune 500 companies in renewable energy and energy efficiency
(Source: WWF, CDP)

of companies ready to procure more renewable energy
(Source: Deloitte)

of companies are seeing a push from consumers towards corporate responsibility
(Source: Deloitte)

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