Energía geotérmica Dora-II

Trabajar por un futuro energético limpio y seguro para Turquía


Tipo de proyecto

Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

4. Educación de calidad

1 local school

receiving funding from the project for constructing a school building and donations for educational materials

7. Energía asequible y no contaminante

70,000 MWh

of renewable energy generated on average annually, improving the scale and supply of Turkey’s electricity supply

8. Trabajo decente y crecimiento económic

119 jobs

created in geothermal plant construction and operation, 22 of which are permanent with 20 of those employed from local village

13. Acción por el clima

40,000 tCO2e

mitigated on average annually by the project

La solución

Located in southwest Turkey's Aydin Province, Dora-II is a 9.5 MW capacity geothermal power plant that harnesses the Salavatl Geothermal Area, reducing air pollution, improving Turkeys energy security, and fostering regional development. The geothermal plant employs an Organic Ranking Cycle System to generate electricity; this is a binary cycle system, where fluid obtained from the geothermal well transmits its temperature to another fluid (pentane) with a cooler evaporation point. The organic gas propels turbines to generate electricity, and hot water produced by this process is re-injected into the geothermal wells, forming a closed cycle.


El impacto

Over two decades, Dora-II will mitigate 280,000 tonnes of CO2 and make important contributions to regional and national development. As well as improving energy security, the power plant further develops Turkeys geothermal industry, while improving grid infrastructure and stability with new transmission lines. The project also contributes to regional vocational diversity by creating new job opportunities in an otherwise agrarian society. The project supports regional education too, funding supplies and the construction of a new building at a local school.

Project ID: 300274
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