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This is where we cherry pick the latest news and views on climate change and how its effects are already making waves in our economies, societies and daily lives. Tune into the fresh perspectives and opinions from both our own experts and other great movers and shakers on the climate scene and read uplifting stories from our climate protection projects across the world. Have an idea or topic you'd like to learn more about? Get in touch - our experts will have it covered!

City Finance Lab South Pole

The City Finance Lab calls on urban leaders to help build back better

Juliette Baralon Daniel Tapia Haro
Guest Blog - How to Scale Innovative Financing Solutions for Green Infrastructure
17 August 2020

Guest Blog - How to Scale Innovative Financing Solutions for Green Infrastructure

Aymeric Reymond

The core aspect of innovating to find new sources of financing for green infrastructure is identifying the multiple beneficiaries and monetizing their benefits. Green infrastructure in a city benefits all citizens’ well-being, but certain citizens, businesses, investors, and public departments will have additional financial benefits from well-designed green infrastructure. By capturing a small portion of these benefits that result from public investments, local governments can partly or entirely finance the investment and maintenance costs of green infrastructure.

Trash Bin
06 May 2020

No time to waste: An eleven year old girl’s innovative response to the plastic crisis

Rhyannon Galea

How many times have you stood in front of your recycling bin, bleary eyed and coffee-deprived, and wondered if what you have in your hand is considered hard or soft plastic, or if your container is biodegradable or not, or do scraps of meat really go into the food bin?

The Three Cs of Climate Leadership, Tea Bag Gate and How Plastic Is The Gateway Drug to Carbon
12 December 2019

The Three Cs of Climate Leadership, Tea Bag Gate and How Plastic Is The Gateway Drug to Carbon

Bethan Halls, Piergiuseppe Bartolomucci, Emer Quinn

Time is running out. Climate scientists have put us on notice: our actions over the next 10 years will decide where humanity lives for the rest of its existence. We need government, business and individuals to participate and accelerate climate action. Against the backdrop of the UK’s net zero target, our 3 climate leaders from Landsec, M&G Investments and Lexica shared the secrets to their success.

The Open Innovation Platform
14 October 2019

The Open Innovation Platform – A Call for More Sustainable Financial Centres in Europe

Ingmar Schuurmans

A better tomorrow awaits if we succeed in limiting global warming to 1.5°C, yet we are hopelessly off-target in capping rising temperatures, and it’s becoming exceedingly difficult to do so. We know that time is quickly running out, that taking climate action makes financial sense, and that we need to channel trillions to mitigate climate change and accelerate the turn to zero net carbon. So what does this mean for European financial centres and how can they best prepare to the inevitable shift towards green and sustainable finance? The new climate reality is a ‘use it or lose it’ moment for financial centres in Europe. The UN-led Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S) wants to make sure it is the former – read on to find out how.

Transform Sydney 2019
25 March 2019

TRANSFORM 2019: Businesses lead the sustainable transformation of Australia’s built environment

Jay van Rijn

What happens when you bring together Australia’s best-in-class property and construction firms with their superannuation finance partners, plus consultants, service providers, product suppliers and the local and world green building councils? Jay van Rijn, South Pole Australia's Senior Carbon & Energy Manaager found out at this year's Green Building Council of Australia TRANSFORM conference in Sydney this March. Find out how the building sector is making progress and industry transformation towards Net-Zero, as he shares his experiences from the day.

A glance at the landscape of our urban climate issues
25 October 2017

Smart cities: A glance at the landscape of our urban climate issues

Aymeric Reymond

Our cities inhale the thoughts and dreams of 4.1 billion people, and exhale approximately 70% of our total global greenhouse gas. But while the task of making our cities sustainable is no easy feat, it is also by no means insurmountable. There are a number of initiatives that forward-thinking cities are fast adopting to reduce the impact of our global hubs. emissions.

Telefonica Infographic
11 January 2017

Can Mobile Data Help Combat Climate Change in Germany?

Florian Marquart

One of our favorite topics at LUCA is using Big Data for Social Good, to measure our progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Aside from goals 7, 11 and 13, on energy, cities, and climate, there is also number 17, which we believe is extremely important: create compelling partnerships in order to achieve the objectives of the SDGs. This is precisely why our team has been working together with partners to find a smarter data solution for reducing air pollution in cities.

Wetland Improvement
06 September 2016

How Wetland Restoration Improves Livelihoods in Developing Cities

Chris Perceval

Much of our increasingly urban world takes access to clean water for granted, viewing it as an inexhaustible resource. Yet today, hundreds of millions of people will go without clean water and one out of three people will not have access to proper sanitation (WHO & UNICEF, 2015). In 2010, more urban dwellers were without access to water services than in 2000 (De Castro Zoratto & Ivins, 2015), and it is estimated that by 2050 the global demand for water will increase by 55% (WWAP, 2015). Meeting basic water needs will continue to be a challenge.

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