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Spartanburg County Landfill Gas Recovery

Repurposing potent methane emissions from waste disposal into clean energy


Every year each American generates almost 5 pounds of waste, most of which ends up in landfills. With food waste making up about a quarter of the waste, when it decomposes it releases potent greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. While behaviours need to change to stop what could spiral into a waste crisis, this project has found a way to urgently lessen the environmental impact of landfills.

United States

Sustainable Development Goals

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

27,000 MWh of thermal energy

produced with the captured landfill gas

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Local infrastructure development

thanks to the construction of a 6.5 miles -or 10.5 km- pipeline to supply biogas to a nearby chemical plant

12. Responsible consumption and production

Environmentally sound waste management

to reduce the risk of contaminating the surrounding soil and water sources

13. Climate Action

75,000 tonnes of CO2e

mitigated on average each year

The Solution

This project involves installing a system to capture potent methane emissions released from the 390-acre Spartanburg County landfill site in South Carolina. Once captured this methane is converted into green electricity, which is fed back into the local grid.


The Impact

The Spartanburg County project delivers positive environmental impacts by reducing the amount of the harmful greenhouse gas methane being emitted into the atmosphere from the landfill. This improves the local environment and helps to promote responsible waste management and the transition to more sustainable infrastructures in North America. At the same time, it drives the circular use of resources by converting waste gas into green energy!

Project ID: 302866