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When it comes to choosing your carbon offsetting provider, you should look at the whole package. Selecting a supplier that offers more than just selling you CO2 certificates bears significant advantages for your organisation. South Pole's offsetting services go far beyond the mere provision of carbon credits.


The market for carbon offsetting is competitive, and therefore finding a suitable partner is a challenge. Establishing a lasting relationship with a trustworthy and reliable provider is essential. With the wealth of information at our disposal, South Pole is the ideal partner to provide real added value for you. This will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Companies establish climate leadership through measuring, reducing and offsetting carbon. When investing in climate neutrality, one of the first questions to clarify is: which kind of emission reduction project suits your business? Ideally, the project is located in a country where your business operates. It should also be based on a technology related to your core business and your sustainability strategy. Becoming climate neutral today means more than offsetting your corporate carbon footprint. On top of environmental impacts, corporate responsibility, marketing and product management ask for social and economic impacts generated by an emission reduction project. South Pole is in the perfect position to respond to this type of requirement.


Unlock the communication potential of your investment in climate neutrality. Clearly position yourself as a responsible organisation. Attract new business by understanding and compensating your carbon footprint, and by communicating your engagement in a genuine and transparent manner. As a result, you will exceed your clients' and stakeholders' expectations. South Pole's offer consists of a comprehensive approach that considers carbon credits as a means to an end. They make up the currency in which climate engagements are quantified and lead to meaningful improvements for the environment, global society and local economy. Based on this approach, south pole offers tailor-made solutions that help you achieve the targets of your climate strategy.

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Your benefits

1. Third party verified carbon credits

  • Every single credit you purchase from us is independently verified according to the most stringent standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Gold Standard. This guarantees you full accountability of your carbon offset purchases.

2. Full transparency and traceability

  • Our offsetting services include safeguarding that all the credits are issued on a public registry and managed transparently. With over 10 million carbon credits transacted per year, South Pole offers an impeccable registry management.

3. Projects developed by South Pole itself

  • As a project developer, South Pole is able to source its Emission Reductions (ER) directly from the project, and sell ERs from its own project portfolio. This guarantees that a maximum of your spending goes directly to the project, since there are no intermediaries involved.

4. Wide coverage of regions

  • Our project portfolio includes over 270 projects located on five continents. This allows us to meet your regional preferences. We are able to offer credits from all of the regions your business is active in.

5. Diverse range of project types

  • From wastewater treatment to wind, from cook stoves to forestry, our range of project technologies remains unbeaten.

6. Highest quality

  • We hold the biggest project pipeline of Gold Standard projects. We can offer you carbon credits of the highest quality available.

7. Quantifying impacts

  • Our emissions reduction projects go beyond helping the climate. They do not only save greenhouse gas emissions (GHG); an emissions reduction project also generates an array of impacts in the environmental, social and economic domains, for example job creation, school construction or improvement of living standards. On top of fulfilling the basic criteria for an emissions reduction project, we are able to quantify the triggered impacts of the projects of your choice. Based on this precise methodology, we are able to directly link carbon credits with the key objectives of your sustainability strategy.

8. Targeted stakeholder communication

  • Having identified your stakeholders, we tailor the communication, messaging and employed channels to each different stakeholder group. We ensure that your message reaches the target audience in the most effective way, and that your climate action will be as tangible as possible for your stakeholders.

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