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Purchase carbon credits and finance climate action

Choose from one of the world's largest portfolio of high-integrity climate action projects to drive credible climate action and sustainable development around the world.

Certified carbon credits offer businesses a way to support transparent and high-impact climate action worldwide.

The impacts of climate change are already being felt around the world and the clock is ticking to keep global warming to safe levels. Companies must compensate for remaining emissions by urgently financing action outside their value chain, alongside reducing their footprint according to science, to ensure we reach global net zero.

As well as the broadest portfolio of climate action projects,

our team supports you with:

Selecting the right portfolio of projects

that are aligned with your corporate values and your value chain.

Building robust compensation strategies

that help you maximise your impact on the way to net zero.

Training you and your team

including workshops on project development, climate claims and trends within the voluntary carbon market.

Investing in new climate action projects

that are tailored to your requirements.

Why purchase carbon credits from South Pole?


Fund Climate Action Projects

Did you know we offer pioneering projects all around the world? Fund certified climate action from Germany to Ghana, Australia to Aruba, and Switzerland to Indonesia and help scale positive climate impacts and to build prosperous communities, thriving wildlife and healthy ecosystems. Explore a selection of our project.

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Strengthen your climate strategy

With over 16 years of market experience, South Pole's portfolio of high-quality projects is unparalleled, meaning you can choose projects that are on your doorstep; aligned with your brand, business activities or your selected Sustainable Development Goals.

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Make credible climate claims

We provide bespoke and strategic support from best-in-class labels and claim development, through stakeholder engagement strategies to storytelling concepts to make your climate communication successful and effective.

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Invest in the best

We only deliver high-quality carbon credits: all our projects are audited regularly and adhere to internationally-recognised standards, like the Gold Standard and VCS, to ensure their environmental integrity.

South Pole also carries out its own due diligence on top of the requirements of ICROA-approved standards to ensure additionality and high quality of each and every credit.

We contribute to and closely follow market governance platforms like the Science Based Target initiative and the Voluntary Carbon Market Initiative to offer in-depth guidance.

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How do carbon credits (or carbon offsets) work?

Whether you call them "carbon credits" or "carbon offsets", certified cuts in greenhouse gases are key to helping organisations finance and scale planet-saving climate action around the world. Watch the video to find out why.

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Drive credible climate action and sustainable development by supporting certified projects around the world.

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