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Climate Investments

South Pole advises organisations across the private and public sector on developing and implementing initiatives that provide financing and technical assistance to projects and SMEs that deliver climate impact in clean energy, land use, cities and carbon removals.

Why climate investments?

The world is facing a climate finance gap. If we want to realise a net zero world, more than 10 times the current funding needs to be sourced and deployed than is being done today. Taking into account the limitations of public budgets, private investments have to be mobilised at scale to address the climate crisis.

South Pole Climate Investments removes the barriers to private investment and ensures that climate finance is invested for maximum impact.

How can we help you?

We are here to help you, as company, government, non-profit or city to finance climate action at scale. Key services include climate finance vehicle design, project sourcing and evaluation, technical due diligence, setting up governance, impact and monitoring frameworks. In addition, our team also helps you to provide technical assistance to ensure bankabilit of low-carbon projects and infrastructure, and thereby unlock investments at scale, with a particular focus on cities.

We work in the following areas that we believe are critical for the transition to a net zero and climate-resilient world:

  • Clean and just energy transition (including energy efficiency and clean energy access)
  • Land use (including climate-smart agriculture)
  • Carbon Removals (technical and nature-based)

We do this by working with our clients and partners on:


Impact Funding

South Pole helps impact funding by identifying and evaluating projects and startups that accelerate the transition towards net zero economies.

South Pole advises a range of private and public entities on how to create impact.

15 years of experience in climate investments

Mobilised more than US$10 billion in private investments for over 850 low-carbon projects, from land use to clean energy and sustainable cities, thereby contributing to a low-carbon and climate-resilient world

Four impact funding vehicles

Worked for four vehicles providing US700M in finance and technical support to climate action projects

60 climate ventures

Supported 60 climate ventures that in total reduced more than 3m tCO2 in greenhouse emissions

Nine technical assistance facilities in the market

Facilitated investment in city projects with US20M of finance enabled

The Team

Martin Stadelmann
Public sector and corporate

Martin Stadelmann

Global Co-Head of Advisory
Marlies Kimpe
Philanthropic & public sector

Marlies Kimpe

Associate Director, Funding and Partnerships, Climate Investments

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Marlies Kimpe, Associate Director Climate Investment, South Pole
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