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Develop your climate action project

The development of carbon and biodiversity projects is an exciting opportunity right now.

Landowners, communities and businesses keen to generate additional revenue can demonstrate their leadership in sustainability and combat the climate crisis.

Who are our Project Partners?



Since 2006, South Pole has worked with hundreds of landholders, farm owners, and conservation organisations to identify and support emission reductions from nature-based projects worldwide.


Corporate Project Partners

Ambitious and innovative companies with emission reduction targets could secure their carbon credit supply by investing directly in projects. Those who take the opportunity now to invest in the development of new projects will benefit from securing long-term access to carbon credits with better control over price.


Indigenous peoples & local communities

Climate action projects provide a great opportunity for Indigenous communities to earn revenue from their traditional land management techniques. We understand that no two projects are the same, so we work closely with traditional owners to understand their aspirations and explore options to create equitable outcomes for all.


Project Developers

We offer companies and non-profit organisations that are dedicated to renewable energy, waste management, the opportunity to acquire additional and sustainable income by benefitting from climate finance.


Nature-based and agricultural projects

These projects involve conserving, restoring and managing natural ecosystems, including forests, peatlands, wetlands, grasslands, marine habitats and farmlands through partnerships that champion the rights and traditional knowledge of local communities while providing measurable benefits to the surrounding ecosystems and their inhabitants.


Renewable energy, technology based & community based projects

Projects involving renewable energy, household activities, industrial processes and transportation. We offer non-profits, companies that are currently contributing to environmental protection and other groups the opportunity to acquire additional and sustainable income by benefitting from climate finance.


Biodiversity projects

Biodiversity stewardship projects can be financed by companies wishing to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Biodiversity credit projects protect native vegetation and wildlife and can be used to offset a company's land use activities. These credits reflect ecosystem improvements and can be “stapled" to other nature-based solution credits.


"Working with Isa and South Pole has been a very enriching experience. I have to highlight the great professionalism of the South Pole team, and the patience and dedication of Claudia Milena. We are very happy with the results, it has been a collaborative work, generating complementary synergies at all times."

Karina Pinasco, Amazónicos por la Amazonía Association (AMPA), Peru, アマゾンのためのアマゾニコス協会 (AMPA) 、ペルー

Why South Pole?

World leader in project development

For nearly two decades South Pole has developed over +1000 climate action projects in 50 countries

Global experience, local presence

South Pole has a large team of “on the ground” experts and advisors across 6 continents.

Accompaniment at every stage of the process.

We are with you for every stage of your carbon project journey.

Trusted and capable partner

Goodwill and capable partner to invest and finance projects working side by side with Project Partners.

Access to Carbon Markets

We offer the opportunity to access the carbon markets and help to avoid additional expenses to develop, maintain and market the carbon credits.


Project Development Standards

All our climate action projects adhere to internationally recognised standards for emissions reduction projects and where applicable are audited regularly by independent third-party organisations.

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Develop your climate action project
Contact us about developing your climate project today.
Nathan Gilbert, Global Director Climate Projects
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