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Investments in biodiversity projects

Biodiversity gives us life - an investment for our planet, our communities and our future.

Biodiversity Investments and Ecosystem Services represent a profitable opportunity for companies and communities in today's competitive world.

Biodiversity is essential for life and the long term future of business. Biodiversity and ecosystem services are critical to ensure human well-being, maintain and improve production systems, and add value to businesses large and small. All life and all economies depend on healthy ecosystems.

Biodiversity Credits

A Tailor-made sustainable financing mechanism.
Measurably channel mandatory and/or voluntary investments in biodiversity.
Each credit represents the transaction unit of an area in conservation and has a monetary value.

A Biodiversity Credit is an innovative approach to quantify in a transparent way the net positive impacts of your investment on 1 hectare (2.5 Acres) preserved, restored, or managed through sustainable land practices. It will allow you to invest in projects that add value to your company and creates tangible benefits for a region of land and its communities.

Biodiversity credits with South Pole

How are credits calculated?

Our highly qualified team carries out an ecosystem characterization, a financial modeling and risk analysis, which result in a tradable unit that facilitates the effective implementation of conservation projects.

Voluntary investments

Aimed at companies and individuals who want to make investments to obtain biodiversity net gains through:

  • Conservation projects in strategic ecosystems
  • Offsets for biodiversity loss
  • Investments in biodiversity conservation
  • Environmental, social and economic indicators
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation indicators
  • Biodiversity, water and carbon indicators
  • Investment in the comprehensive management of water resources and other Ecosystem Services
  • Partnerships with local conservation actors


Long-term financial sustainability

through scale economies targeting individuals, businesses, and governments.

Centralisation of efforts

with double-track gains and biodiversity indicators.

Incentives for the landowners

based on the number of hectares preserved, restored, or dedicated to sustainable use.

Optimises the time required for processes

resulting in a financial and administrative cost reduction.

Download our Investments in Biodiversity Brochure now
Download our Investments in Biodiversity Brochure now

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Since 2006, South Pole has worked with hundreds of landholders, farm owners, and conservation organisations to identify and support emission reductions from nature-based projects worldwide.


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