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South Pole's Funding Climate Action Label

This label helps companies demonstrate to their stakeholders that they are starting or accelerating on a Climate Journey with credibility and transparency.

Your company can achieve a label to show that you are taking responsibility and action for your climate impact and have a clear plan to reduce this over time.

The Funding Climate Action label sets up a framework for you to display the climate action you have taken directly to your customers and key stakeholders. By providing instant and full transparency, this label future proofs your claim as you start or accelerate your climate journey. It highlights the important step of investing in climate action projects that fund global climate action and sustainable development, on top of your decarbonisation efforts.

This label supports you to:

  • Meet expectations for more climate action - Set yourself apart from other companies, make robust claims with confidence and provide assurance to your stakeholders.
  • Meet the highest levels of transparency - Display the climate action you have taken directly to your consumers so you can easily share your success.
  • Win over a wave of climate-conscious consumers - Raise environmental awareness by empowering your consumers to make purchase decisions with their values in mind.

South Pole encourages ambitious climate action

The label incentivises and inspires companies to achieve best practice by setting and implementing ambitious targets aligned with the goals of the Paris agreement and based on scientific recommendations. To empower more companies to embark on their Climate Journey the label also provides the opportunity to achieve minimum requirements with the aim to progress towards best practice.


Curious to know what consumers think about the Funding Climate Action label? Check out our video.

To qualify for this label, your company must:

1. Quantify emissions

Your company must quantify the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the company or product according to a defined scope.

2. Commit to progress on a climate journey

Your company must commit to progress on a climate journey and transparently show how the company is striving towards best practice and is taking action to reduce emissions over time.

3. Make a verified climate contribution

Your company must make a verified climate contribution by investing in high quality climate action projects that reduce emissions beyond a company’s value chain.

4. Communicate your vision

Your company must communicate its sustainability vision and achievements and perform an annual review to renew the label.


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