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Nature Based Projects

Act with nature.

These projects involve the conservation, restoration and management of natural ecosystems, upholding the rights of local communities while providing quantifiable benefits to the surrounding ecosystems and their inhabitants.

Since 2006, South Pole has worked with hundreds of landholders, farm owners, and conservation organizations, to identify and support emission reduction from nature-based projects worldwide.

What kind of projects are eligible under carbon markets?


Increase or protect natural carbon sinks

Planting & regeneration

  • Afforestation/reforestation
  • Natural regeneration

Forestry within agriculture systems

  • Silvopastoral systems
  • Agroforestry systems

Improved forest management

  • Reducing the impact of logging
  • Extend forest rotation
  • Improved productivity


  • Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+)
  • Protection of standing forests

Transition to sustainable farming practices

Cropping systems

  • Switching from synthetic to organic fertiliser
  • Agriculture soils revitalisation
    • Reduced tillage and/or improve residue management
    • Optimized fertiliser application
    • Improved crop planting and harvesting (e.g. crop rotations, cover crops, mulching)
  • Improved water management/irrigation
  • Methane reduction from irrigation management of rice
  • Crop residue management (e.g. reduced stubble burning)

Livestock systems

  • Feed supplement to reduce enteric CH4 in ruminants
  • Improved grazing practices and sustainable grassland management
  • Optimised herd management

Protect and restore mangroves wetlands, peatlands

Mangrove planting/protection

  • Afforestation/reforestation
  • Natural regeneration
  • Protection of standing forests
  • Restoration

Salt marsh, seaweed & sea grass

  • Planting, establishment and restoration of marsh, kelp forests or sea grass beds
  • Protection of existing areas from degradation or conversion

Developing a project with South Pole

Image: Developing a Nature Based climate project with South Pole.

Benefits for Project Partners

​Maximise your climate impact

Maximise your climate impact and access to carbon markets.

Earn additional income

Earn additional income while improving land use and protecting the environment.

Improve livelihoods

Improve the livelihoods of the communities related to the project.

Why South Pole?

World leader in project development

For nearly two decades South Pole has developed over +1000 climate action projects in 50 countries

Global experience, local presence

South Pole has a large team of “on the ground” experts and advisors across 6 continents.

Accompaniment at every stage of the process.

We are with you for every stage of your carbon project journey.

Trusted and capable partner

Goodwill and capable partner to invest and finance projects working side by side with Project Partners.

Access to Carbon Markets

We offer the opportunity to access the carbon markets and help to avoid additional expenses to develop, maintain and market the carbon credits.


"Working with Isa and South Pole has been a very enriching experience. I have to highlight the great professionalism of the South Pole team, and the patience and dedication of Claudia Milena. We are very happy with the results, it has been a collaborative work, generating complementary synergies at all times."

Karina Pinasco, Amazónicos por la Amazonía Association (AMPA), Peru, アマゾンのためのアマゾニコス協会 (AMPA) 、ペルー

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Find out if your project is eligible
Find out if your project is eligible

We focus on project development and the trading of carbon credits, as well as their subsequent commercialisation. If your project is similar or falls within any of the above categories, our team of experts will assess the applicability of your project according to the project scope and context.

Keegan Eisenstadt: Director - Global Practice Lead - NBS
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