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Digital Climate Solutions

We've developed solutions that bring climate action to every businesses – whatever your size or sector – and give your customers a simple and effective way to play their part.

Whether you’re a climate leader or a climate beginner, a sustainability superstar or a nature novice – we understand that your business is under more pressure than ever to step up its sustainability agenda.

Our calculation, compensation and communication tools make it easy for everyone to understand and reduce their impact today, and to talk about it. Not just that, they’re powered by over a thousand climate experts at South Pole, so we can confidently guide you through the journey and the jargon.

So, whether you’re after a meaningful way to engage your customers in your climate story, a new way to attract and retain the best talent, a proven technique to drive customer preference, or you’re simply after a tool that lets you calculate or offset your carbon footprint and include it in your communications. – we have the solution for you.

Our Solutions


Climate Click

The ecommerce solution that lets your customers offset their purchases. Simple as that.

Climate Action Software

Understand your climate impact and take action with our software. Track, analyse and reduce your carbon footprint. Start making a positive impact today.

Climate Action Labels

South Pole provides a range of climate labels for companies to demonstrate that they are starting or accelerating on a Climate Journey.

Climate Huddle

Designed for small and medium businesses, Climate Huddle is our way of bringing climate action to absolutely everyone.
We are here to help you with your challenge.
Looking for a solution beyond our current offering?
We are here to help you with your challenge.

"Our goal was to give customers the opportunity to make their online purchases climate conscious."

Florian Teuteberg, CEO, Digitec Galaxus


"South Pole provide(s) modern tools and integrations to increase the efficiency of the carbon value chain."

Carl Prins, Co-Founder and CEO, Pathzero


"Working with South Pole enables our customers to take action themselves. It's simple, understandable and has certified impact."

Martin Vogel, Senior Director Electronics, APAC Imports & Innovation


"We are incredibly happy to partner with South Pole as one of the most renowned developers of carbon avoidance and removal projects."

Magnus Drewelies, CEO, CEEZER

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