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Climate Click

The ecommerce solution that lets your customers compensate for their purchases. Simple as that.

Turn every purchase into positive climate action with Climate Click

At South Pole, we're on a mission to scale true climate impact for all. This means bringing climate action to everyone so they can help accelerate the shift to a low carbon world. Why? Because we need more action, from more people, at a faster pace and greater scale if we are to safeguard a liveable world for future generations.

It's so much more than a software solution.

Climate Click is available for the leading ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and as a custom solution.

Turn every purchase into positive climate action and hit your sales and climate KPIs.


  • Make it easy for everyone to understand, track and compensate their impact
  • Gain valuable insight on your customers' purchase behaviours
  • Drive customer conversion, preference and loyalty
  • Communicate and celebrate collective impact, with credibility and accuracy

  • Calculated with expert-designed methodology, driven by an extensive database of emissions factors
  • Cradle to consumer footprinting – including all raw materials and emissions along the value chain
  • Aggregate and disaggregated your calculations – from entire portfolios to individual product emissions emissions
  • Backed by world-leading climate agency, South Pole, and our 1000+ climate experts

  • 'Plug and play' set up in minutes
  • Rolling out to all major ecommerce platforms
  • Fully bespoke options with seamless IT integration
  • A user-friendly UX and branded interface design for bespoke integrations
  • Option to integrate emissions calculation across all customer touch-points and digital channels

  • Direct access to the largest portfolio of certified climate action projects on the planet, from South Pole
  • From avoidance to removal, trees to tech, community impact to biodiversity protection – select the projects that best resonate with your brand and your customers

What are the options?


With your ecommerce platform
  • 'Plug and play' setup in minutes
  • Select the project that best fits your brand
  • Dashboard to track your impact
  • Dedicated technical and customer success support


Bespoke, customisable integration
  • All the benefits of Standard +
  • A bespoke customer experience
  • Customisable branding and UI design
  • Detailed reporting and impact tracking
  • Customer engagement & communications support

Standard integration

Are you already using Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce or Shopware? Add the Climate Click plugin to your existing ecommerce account and customise in minutes!

Bespoke, customisable integration

If the plugins above do not support your platform, we can help you with a bespoke implementation:

  • Bespoke integration - Climate Click is integrated in the backend of your ecommerce site or platform.
  • Custom user journey - We work with you to develop a superior customer experience that translates action into brand trust, and we integrate and implement this across the sitewide UX and UI, with supporting opportunities for comms and education throughout the journey.
  • Footprint calculation - When your customers reach the checkout page, our solution calculates the carbon footprint and provides a carbon compensation cost and option to fund climate action projects.
  • Certified climate projects - They then have the option to select from a range of projects to support with their purchase, and proceed to payment.
  • Ongoing communication - The onward customer journey is enhanced and supported by ongoing engagement around (individual & collective) impact, a personal user dashboard (quantified-self) , and optional bespoke communications.
  • Positive impact - You and your customers have funded climate action projects that reduce or remove Co2 from the atmosphere, making the world a more livable place.

We’ve already delivered solutions for:


"Our goal was to give customers the opportunity to make their online purchases climate conscious."

Florian Teuteberg, CEO, Digitec Galaxus


"South Pole provide(s) modern tools and integrations to increase the efficiency of the carbon value chain."

Carl Prins, Co-Founder and CEO, Pathzero


"Working with South Pole enables our customers to take action themselves. It's simple, understandable and has certified impact."

Martin Vogel, Senior Director Electronics, APAC Imports & Innovation, eBay Germany


"We are incredibly happy to partner with South Pole as one of the most renowned developers of carbon avoidance and removal projects."

Magnus Drewelies, CEO, CEEZER

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Turn every purchase into positive climate action with Climate Click
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Turn every purchase into positive climate action with Climate Click

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