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Today, most of the world's leading companies disclose and communicate their sustainability performance and impacts. Do not keep the decision to work towards sustainability.

You walk the talk and the world should know it. Organisations like yours make a difference by actively combating the adverse effects of climate change. Our communications department is here to help you tell your story in a compelling way. Leverage your sustainability strategy to sharpen your profile, hone your brand identity, and engage your audience. Showcase your climate leadership by using our high-quality labels and certificates. For every South Pole solution you adopt, you will receive a certificate and the license to display it. Include your labels on websites, letterheads, business cards, packages and vehicles - display them proudly anywhere your brand touches!

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vise tailor-made marketing and communications support services closely aligned with your core values and objectives:

Whatever your marketing and communications goals are, we have the expertise and resources to help you deliver a powerful message. We empower you to demonstrate how your green efforts have directly benefitted stakeholders by providing, for example:

  • Compelling testimonials from those who benefit most directly from your commitments
  • Verifiable facts, statistics and figures adding to the effectiveness of your efforts
  • Photos, videos and animated graphics to underline the results of your solution

Use our tools to demonstrate your commitment at every brand touchpoint

Labels are a powerful way to communicate your engagement and climate leadership. The colorful South Pole Penguin Labels let everyone know your brand is contributing to the solution. There are nine labels representing each of the primary South Pole solutions. By working with us, you have the license to use them on letterheads, business cards, websites, in advertising, at your points of sale - anywhere people come in contact with your brand.

Label type

Climate label



Climate Neutral Labels

Climate Neutral Company

Public corporate GHG-accounting and offsetting.

The criteria can be found here.

Climate Neutral Event

Public GHG accounting of event and offsetting

The criteria can be found here.

Climate Neutral Investment

Investments that compensated all of its previously screened, measured and published greenhouse gas emission.

Climate Neutral Product

Public carbon footprint and offsetting

The criteria can be found here.

Climate transparency labels

Climate transparent company

Public corporate GHG accounting

Climate transparent event

Public GHG accounting of event

Climate Transparent Investment

Investments with a screened, measured and published its carbon footprint

The criteria can be found here.

Climate Transparent Product

Public carbon footprint of product

Climate impact reduction labels

Climate Impact reduction: Investment

Investments with a reduced carbon footprint based on a benchmark

Renewable Energy Labels


Powered by Renewable Eergy

Cloud Service

Powered by Renewable Energy


Powered by Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy label

Offsetting labels

Offsetting label

Offset any type of entity. Client decides the boundary setting.

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