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Climate change and related climate policies are already affecting the financial sector and the value of investments across many asset classes. Meanwhile, demands for increased transparency on climate risk from investors and policymakers are growing.

South Pole offers asset managers and institutional investors a way to integrate holistic, forward-looking, and decision-friendly data and analysis on climate risks and opportunities into investment and disclosure strategies.

Our solutions

Our in-house experts offer asset managers and institutional investors scenario-based climate risk analysis, forward-looking datasets, and bespoke advisory services - from top-down portfolio level risk assessments to bottom-up analysis, all customisable to their needs.

We enable investors to understand, quantify and act on risks related to climate change with the following suite of services:

  • Climate risk assessments at the portfolio level, including transition & physical risks across geographies, sectors and asset classes according to our client's preferred investment horizons
  • SDG impact assessments of investment products and portfolios
  • Forward looking indicators, including potential avoided emissions and assessing green bonds' expected sustainability impacts
  • Sovereign bond risk assessments to determine future loss of invested capital in sovereign debt exposed to climate risks
  • Quantitative and qualitative reporting aligned with major regulatory guidelines, including TCFD and The French Energy Transition Law on portfolios' 2-degree alignment

For more information on each of our solutions, please scroll down and get in touch with our experts. You can also download a detailed overview of our solutions for the financial sector.

View our suite of solutions below and get in touch with our experts.

An industry in transition: Are investments climate ready?

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