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From Ambition to Action

Our climate journey enables businesses to achieve their climate ambitions using a comprehensive 5 step strategy.

It’s the Climate Journey for climate leaders. Choose the steps you need, leave those you don’t. Whatever your climate challenge, our world-leading consultants can help you solve it.

1. Measure Footprint

Understand your environmental footprint and climate risks and set your foundation for climate action.

2. Set targets & create roadmap

Set ambitious targets, along with the strategies and roadmaps needed to meet them and drive global change.

3. Reduce Footprint

Identify renewable opportunities, decarbonise your supply chain and drive sustainable transformation with best-in-class solutions.

4. Fund Climate Action

Accelerate climate action and invest in high-integrity climate action projects from around the world

5. Communicate & Lead

Inspire future change and engage key stakeholders in your sustainability vision and communicate your results effectively.

1. Measure Footprint

We will work with you to understand your environmental impact and climate risks, and enable you to build a foundation for climate action, by engaging with:


Environmental Footprint

Measure your environmental footprint and lay the foundation for a meaningful climate strategy.


Climate Risks & Opportunities

Our technical experts have a proven track record in this complex and evolving field. We are able to assess your levels of risk in line with best practice and TCFD and help you build long-term resilience.


Disclosure and Reporting

Get ahead of key reporting and compliance initiatives, increase internal awareness and boost external reputation.

2. Set targets & Create roadmap

Accountability is key to driving change. We’re here to help you set ambitious targets, along with the strategies and roadmaps needed to meet them, using:


Knowledge Building

Our Strategic Options provide your organisation with expertly designed, science-led, roadmaps which will drive your business towards climate transformation.


Target Setting

Our consultants are here to guide you through the target setting process. Identifying your high priority action points and ensuring all your targets align to international reporting frameworks.


Roadmap & Strategy

Our team of global specialists craft sustainable transformation roadmaps that are bespoke to your business, and all our solutions are based on up-to-date climate science and the latest industry expertise.

3. Reduce Footprint

Increasing efficiency, identifying renewable opportunities, and decarbonising your supply chain, are all key to driving sustainable transformation. We will with you to mobilise the latest climate science and best-in-class solutions which cover:


Emission Reduction Activities

Rising emissions are driving this climate crisis, and the window of time we have to reduce them is rapidly shortening. Meaning businesses must take decisive action today and we can help them.


Renewable Energy Solutions

Our full suite of renewable energy solutions and strategies will work to support your company as you transition to renewables, aligning with global green ambitions and ensuring future energy security.


Supply Chain Decarbonisation

Emissions from a supply chain often make up the bulk of a company’s environmental footprint. Our consultants understand this and offer detailed analysis and smart, tailor-made solutions to suit your suppliers.

4. Fund Climate action

Accelerate your global climate action and invest in high-integrity climate action projects from around the world, using the following avenues:


Action Credits & Strategies

The planet is still warming, and it is vital that companies start supporting the global transition to net zero, by engaging with certified projects outside of their own operational remit.


Climate Funds and Investments

Our team of finance and investment experts have been partnering with some of the leading climate funds from around the world to their investments lead to most impact.

5. Communicate & Lead

We want you to inspire future change, and will work with you to engage key stakeholders in your sustainability vision and communicate your results effectively through:


Communication & Stakeholder Engagement

Motivate and mobilise your organisation and stakeholders to help meet your climate goals.


Ideas & Innovation

Innovate products and services to optimise your climate impact.


South Pole’s Funding Climate Action Label

South Pole’s Funding Climate Action label helps companies demonstrate to stakeholders with credibility and radical transparency that they are starting or accelerating on a climate journey.


Don’t know where to start on the climate journey?

Check out our Climate Action Benchmark Tool and measure your sustainability performance to get tailored recommendations on next steps to take.
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