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Strategic Options and Implications

The expectations of consumers and regulatory bodies are evolving as this crisis deepens. To evolve with them, companies must employ consultants who understand the options available and the implications that these strategies create.

Our Strategic Options are designed by a team of multi-disciplinary experts across the world of science and consulting.

We provide your organisation with cohesive roadmaps for transformation. We will facilitate knowledge-building workshops, alongside strategies to educate internal stakeholders, empowering them to understand the relevant solutions for your business. We will also deliver training and engagement programs to keep your organisation updated on key guidance related to your sector, for example SBTi or RE100.

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Build the foundations for your climate strategy today.
Build the foundations for your climate strategy today.

✓ Tailored to your business requirements

✓ Advice from leading subject matter experts

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Why choose South Pole as a trusted partner?

Impartial, independent advice

We are an impartial, independent advisor that has supported clients on their climate action strategy for over 17 years.

Experienced and committed team

Our experienced and committed team of passionate experts have global experience and specialised regional market knowledge.

Solid track record

We have a solid track record, having been trusted by 1000+ corporations.

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Skyla Rabadi, Key Account Manager
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The climate change consultancy you can trust to move your business from ambition to action.

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Your Climate Journey

Our climate journey enables businesses to achieve their climate ambitions using a comprehensive 5 step strategy.


Target Setting

Our consultants are here to guide you through the target setting process. Identifying your high priority action points and ensuring all your targets align to international reporting frameworks.


Strategy Development

Our team of global specialists craft sustainable transformation roadmaps that are bespoke to your business, and all our solutions are based on up-to-date climate science and the latest industry expertise.

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