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Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

Climate action is a collective effort. Meaning that successful climate strategies should engage everyone from employees and customers, to suppliers and investors, because we all have a vital role to play.

Our strategists understand the value of strong communications and engagement.

We work with you to create stakeholder activations and motivate your entire business to meet their climate ambitions.

Our teams offer guidance and training on how to creatively communicate your strategies, to both internal and external audiences. Whilst our experts implement simple frameworks that drive engagement, via personalised and relevant updates, designed to remind all key players of their responsibilities to the planet.

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Build the foundations for your climate strategy today.
Build the foundations for your climate strategy today.

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Why choose South Pole as a trusted partner?

Impartial, independent advice

We are an impartial, independent advisor that has supported clients on their climate action strategy for over 17 years.

Experienced and committed team

Our experienced and committed team of passionate experts have global experience and specialised regional market knowledge.

Solid track record

We have a solid track record, having been trusted by 1000+ corporations.

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The climate change consultancy you can trust to move your business from ambition to action.

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Your Climate Journey

Our climate journey enables businesses to achieve their climate ambitions using a comprehensive 5 step strategy.


Ideas and Innovation

We are specialists in creative communication and understand the value of creating one big idea, underpinned by honest, simple actions which your team and stakeholders can mobilise behind.


Climate Action Labels

South Pole provides a range of climate labels for companies to demonstrate that they are starting or accelerating on a Climate Journey.

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