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Evaluate your sustainability performance

South Pole's self-assessment platform enables you to understand your sustainability performance compared to other industry players, and provides tailored recommendations on steps you can take to achieve your climate goals.

Your sustainability performance rooted in rigorous data

Whether you are a climate leader looking for ways to stay ahead of competition or just getting started on your climate action journey, our free-to-use self-assessment platform provides unique insights into your current sustainability performance, benchmarked against other industry players, and offers tailored recommendations on the next steps to take to achieve your climate goals.


Answer 7 questions within 3- 5 mins and receive instant performance results.


Compare your performance against 8,000 + companies spread across 100+ industries.


Receive your performance report with tailored recommendations on next steps to take, alongside 1:1 consultation time with our experts to discuss your action strategy.

Here’s how the assessment works:

Answer the below 7 questions to assess your current sustainability performance. Upon completion, you will receive your personalised performance results report. The assessment will take approximately 3-5 mins to complete and is free to use.

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Got any questions? Get in touch with us today
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