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Emission Reduction Activities

Implement emission reduction activities that immediately contribute to your climate targets.

Once you have set your targets and mapped your climate strategy, there will be many short and long term climate initiatives you will need pick up. Do you know where to start?

We're here to help you identify and kick-start those activities that will help you immediately reduce your carbon emissions and set you up for success by designing for circularity. Following a comprehensive study, we suggest immediate reduction activities, using the latest methodologies, to create quick positive impact.

We analyse your entire supply chain from the ground up and identify and prioritise the emission sources causing big problems.

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Build the foundations for your climate strategy today.
Build the foundations for your climate strategy today.

✓ Tailored to your business requirements

✓ Advice from leading subject matter experts

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Why choose South Pole as a trusted partner?

Impartial, independent advice

We are an impartial, independent advisor that has supported clients on their climate action strategy for over 17 years.

Experienced and committed team

Our experienced and committed team of passionate experts have global experience and specialised regional market knowledge.

Solid track record

We have a solid track record, having been trusted by 1000+ corporations.

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Your Climate Journey

Our climate journey enables businesses to achieve their climate ambitions using a comprehensive 5 step strategy.


Supply Chain Decarbonisation

Emissions from a supply chain often make up the bulk of a company’s environmental footprint. Our consultants understand this and offer detailed analysis and smart, tailor-made solutions to suit your suppliers.


Renewable Energy Solutions

Our full suite of renewable energy solutions and strategies will work to support your company as you transition to renewables, aligning with global green ambitions and ensuring future energy security.

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