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Action credits and strategies

Everything, everywhere, all at once. Time is running out to keep global warming to safe levels. On top of reducing their own impact, the science is clear, companies have a key role to play in the global transition to net zero by supporting certified projects outside their own operations.

Our team of anthropologists, policy experts and engineers have been partnering with leading organisations around the world to develop high-integrity climate action projects in order to speed up the transition to a low-carbon world where communities can prosper and biodiversity can flourish.

Our projects span biodiversity enhancement, emission reductions, plastic reduction and everything in between.

Our experts work hand in hand with your team to choose meaningful and certified projects that your company can champion to drive real, scalable impacts, engage your stakeholders, achieve your targets, meet and exceed best-practice or even comply with regulation.

We offer bespoke advice to your organisation to develop a strategy of how to select projects for maximum long-term impact.

Ready to get started?

You can start financing effective climate action around the world today!
You can start financing effective climate action around the world today!

✓ Choose from one of the largest portfolio of climate action projects worldwide

✓ All projects certified under leading and appropriate standards

✓ Due diligence completed by South Pole on all our projects on a continuous basis

✓ Receive advice from leading subject matter experts

✓ Embed your chosen climate action projects into your climate strategy for maximum impact

Why choose South Pole as a trusted partner?

Impartial, independent advice

We are an impartial, independent advisor that has supported clients on their climate action strategy for over 17 years.

Experienced and committed team

Our experienced and committed team of passionate experts have global experience and specialised regional market knowledge.

Solid track record

We have a solid track record, having been trusted by 1000+ corporations.

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Your Climate Journey

Our climate journey enables businesses to achieve their climate ambitions using a comprehensive 5 step strategy.


Purchase carbon credits and finance climate action

Choose from one of the world’s largest portfolio of high-integrity climate action projects to drive credible climate action and sustainable development around the world.


Climate Funds and Investments

Our team of finance and investment experts have been partnering with some of the leading climate funds from around the world to ensure that your dollar boosts the transition to net-zero.

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