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Biodiversity Action

Biodiversity and ecosystem services are critical to ensure human well-being, maintain and improve production systems, increase resilience to climate change, and add value to businesses both large and small. All life and economies depend on healthy ecosystems, what is your biodiversity strategy?

Leading businesses across the globe are harnessing the link between biodiversity and climate by incorporating the value of nature within their value chains.

Biodiversity plays a vital role for all life on our planet and relies on a fine balance between earth's natural ecosystems. The health of these ecosystems is critical to ensure human well-being, maintain and improve production systems, increase resilience to climate change, and add value to businesses, both large and small.

Investing in nature is key for the future of our planet and of your business. By understanding your operations' impact on biodiversity and the business risks associated with biodiversity loss, you can help tackle climate change while reaching your environmental objectives.

Designing your biodiversity journey

At South Pole, we support companies, governments and individuals to understand the impact of their operations on biodiversity and learn about their dependencies on biodiversity. Subsequently, together with our clients, we build a path that enables them to reduce their environmental impact and build a positive relationship with nature.

Step 01 - Assess

Understand the impacts your company has on biodiversity and understand how your company depends on biodiversity.

Step 02 - Strategise

Define your company's ambition and develop quantified roadmaps to get there and define your company's strategy to manage risks from changing ecosystems.

Step 03 - Transform

Discover and implement strategies to improve impacts on biodiversity and to manage dependencies on biodiversity.

Step 04 - Finance

Compensate for biodiversity impacts that can not be avoided or reduced and invest in the integrity of ecosystems surrounding the company’s value chain.

Why choose South Pole as a trusted partner?

Impartial, independent advice

We are an impartial, independent advisor that has supported clients on their climate action strategy for over 17 years.

Experienced and committed team

Our experienced and committed team of passionate experts have global experience and specialised regional market knowledge.

Solid track record

We have a solid track record, having been trusted by 1000+ corporations.

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Santiago Martinez Vivero, Global Business Development Lead, Biodiversity Services
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