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Guangxi Waste-to-Energy

Turning farm waste into sustainable income and green energy for farming communities


China consumes the most energy in the world. However, it still ranks in the top three worst countries for fossil fuel-based power. In this region of Southern China, coal-fired plants power the national grid, hardly fulfilling the local demand. Simultaneously, 390,960 tons of organic agricultural waste (mainly bark, wood scrap, and rice straw) is dumped, left to decay in fields, or burned in an uncontrolled manner that is extremely harmful for the Earth’s atmosphere.


Sustainable Development Goals

1. No Poverty

43+ USD per ton paid to businesses

supplying the biomass, giving them an alternative income stream and incentive to take action

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

216,000 MWh of clean energy generated

on average per year

8. Decent work and economic growth

98 locals employed

for this project– they receive employee welfare on top of fair wages

13. Climate Action

95,000 tonnes of CO2e avoided

on average every year

The Solution

This project installs specific residue collection stations, so locals can dispose of their organic waste safely. This is then compiled into a new biomass combustor which turns the waste into renewable energy, connected straight to the power grid.


The Impact

This is a win-win-win project. Not only does it generate renewable energy, mitigating harmful greenhouse gas emissions, it also stops other dangerous pollutants from the decaying or burning of organic matter that was happening previously. The clean biomass energy generates 216,000 MWh of power a year, providing efficient and reliable heating and electricity to 82,000 families in China. The project has also boosted the local economy by creating employment opportunities and business through the buying and selling of biomass.

Project ID: 302552
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