Corporates across the globe are increasingly demonstrating leadership in tackling climate change and looking at ways to reduce the impact of their operations. For companies looking to make a difference, sourcing renewable energy has become a key focus.

Shaped by unique internal and external factors, every company's experience of procuring renewables is different. Whether you are just starting or already on your way to corporate leadership, embarking on the Renewable Energy Journey with South Pole enables your company to harness opportunities that will unlock cost-savings potential and develop a competitive advantage over your peers, while supporting the global energy transition.

Your Renewable Energy Journey

To achieve renewable energy (RE) leadership, a typical first step is setting an ambitious target. But while you're defining your RE strategy and planning the best mix of instruments, you can already access quick wins by purchasing energy attribute certificates (EACs). Once your strategy is defined, you can implement solutions at a national level and communicate the results.

Graphic - Renewable Energy journey

Target Setting

Set ambitious yet realistic sustainability goals such as Science-Based Targets (SBT), 100% Renewable Energy, or climate neutrality

100% Renewable Energy Today

Purchase EACs to immediately achieve your climate/RE targets

Renewable Energy Strategy

Define a vision and strategy to increase your impact, your price hedge and your cost savings over time with a mix of the best suited RE instruments (green tariffs, EACs, EAC plus, power purchase agreements (PPAs) and on-site RE)


Implement the best suited RE instruments (such as corporate PPAs) to achieve your targets and operationalise your strategy

Communicate and Lead

Engage stakeholders on your sustainability vision and communicate the results

Going renewable: what's in it for you?

Power price hedge and cost reduction

  • Reduce risk: power markets can be extremely volatile and companies can insulate themselves against market risk exposure
  • Increase affordability: power procurement can be expensive; RE solutions can reduce those costs

Sustainability/additionality claims

  • As well as reducing your carbon emissions, RE solutions have environmental and social benefits
  • Enhance sustainability ambitions and Corporate Social Responsibility efforts with renewables

Brand and climate leadership

  • Consumers and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding climate action
  • With RE solutions, you can signal your sustainability leadership among your peers and among leading businesses from other sectors

How can South Pole help?

With extensive global experience and deep localised knowledge of power markets, our experts have used their time-tested advisory and solution implementation services to help companies across the globe achieve their renewable ambitions..

Whether you are thinking about defining a renewable energy sourcing strategy, corporate PPAs, EACs, green tariffs, onsite generation, or other bespoke solutions, our expert team can help you to navigate your renewable energy purchasing options and unlock a range of opportunities.

To learn more about how South Pole can help you achieve your renewable energy ambitions, contact Patrick Horka, Head of Renewable Energy Solutions.

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