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Measure Footprint & Risks


Understand your carbon emissions, product impacts and climate change risks.

Set Targets & Create Roadmap


Develop your sustainability strategies, targets and roadmaps.

Reduce Footprint


Increase efficiency, procure renewable energy and decarbonise your supply chain.

Finance Climate Action


Finance climate action through offsetting unavoidable emissions or investing in impact funds.

Communicate & Lead


Engage stakeholders in your sustainability vision and communicate results effectively.

Don’t know where to start on the climate journey?

Use our Climate Action Benchmark Tool to measure your sustainability performance and get tailored recommendations on next steps to take.

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Materiality assessment

Identify and prioritise the most critical environmental issues for your business and stakeholders.

  • Materiality matrix & issue list
  • Reporting guidance

Environmental accounting

Quantify the consumption of natural resources and emissions resulting from your business operations

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting
  • Water & plastics footprinting
  • Product lifecycle assessments (LCA)

Climate Risk Analysis

Understand how different climate change scenarios might impact supply chains or financial performance

  • Physical & transition risk modelling
  • Scenario analysis for TCFD

Competitive Benchmarking

Understand sustainability positioning vis-a-vis peers, industry best practices and stakeholder expectations

  • Market analysis
  • Company & competitor scorecards

Strategy Development

Design tailored sustainability or climate change strategies which balance business needs with ambition

  • Leadership workshops & implementation roadmaps
  • Adaptation planning
  • Internal carbon pricing
  • Renewable Energy Strategy

Target Setting

Set ambitious yet achievable targets for emission reductions, renewable energy, waste, water, plastics, or other indicators

  • Science-Based Targets
  • RE100
  • Net zero, carbon neutrality, climate positive

Emission Reduction Plans

Exploit options to immediately reduce emissions in business operations, while identifying the level of unavoidable emissions that should be mitigated

  • Company reduction pathways
  • Energy efficiency assessments

Renewable Energy

Understand the best market options and procure renewable energy

  • Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs)
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • On-site solar or wind feasibility studies

Decarbonise Your Supply Chains

Develop projects to reduce and compensate carbon in supply chains, as well as design and scale actions to improve climate, forests, and/or water practices throughout.


Go Climate Neutral or Beyond

Invest in emission reduction or removal projects to offset business impacts and contribute to sustainability goals

  • Certified credits from a portfolio of 700+ global projects
  • Climate neutral labels
  • Green products

Exclusive & Custom Projects

Get exclusive access to existing projects, or finance the development of entirely new emission reduction projects customised to your business goals and desired impact.

  • Exclusive carbon credits
  • Custom Project development

Invest in Impact Funds

Capitalise on investment opportunities that generate verified environmental and/or social impacts, and mobilise additional financing

  • Corporate fund development & management
  • Fundraising

Disclosure & Reporting

Share actions and progress to meet compliance requirements and/or voluntary disclosure schemes

  • CDP
  • GRI, SASB, and other reporting standards
  • Investor communication support

Stakeholder Engagement

Bolster support and involvement with the sustainability agenda, demonstrating leadership

  • Employee initiatives
  • Marketing & communications strategies


Leverage progress to inspire and mobilise other stakeholders via platforms, coalitions and alliance-building.

  • Join the growing list of businesses taking action
  • Task force & industry group technical advisory
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