RE100 annual report | Going 100% renewable: how companies are demanding a faster market response

09 Dec 2019 by RE100 Other
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RE100 has experienced its biggest year yet. Membership is up by a third, with 40% of growth from the Asia-Pacific, and the collective renewable electricity demand of member companies now equates to the 21st largest electricity consuming country in the world.

Going 100% renewable: how companies are demanding a faster market response is the 2019 Progress and Insights Report from The Climate Group and CDP. It shows members are making fast progress toward ambitious 100% renewable electricity goals. They are driving impact and influencing suppliers, while aligning with the growing expectations of customers, shareholders and employees.

New this year, one in two are set to use their influence with stakeholders, such as policy makers and utilities, to overcome policy and market barriers and push for a faster transition to renewables. Through RE100, their voices are being amplified to governments and the energy sector around the world.

2020 marks the beginning of the Climate Decade – ten years to halve greenhouse gas emissions and reach net zero by 2030. As more and more companies join RE100 and commit to 100% renewable power, policy makers and energy suppliers must rapidly respond to increasing demand for clean and affordable electricity.

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