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The Voluntary Carbon Market: 8 things to know for the year ahead

The Voluntary Carbon Market: 8 things to know for the year ahead

Read our report to understand what trends are shaping the VCM and what this means for both new market entrants and large-scale, long-term buyers of carbon credits.

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With more companies buying carbon credits than ever before, the voluntary carbon market is abuzz with activity, and prices are rising fast.

The voluntary carbon market is becoming more sophisticated and dynamic while prices of carbon credits are predicted to keep climbing. COP26 solidified the potential of carbon markets to play a significant role in the transition to global net zero. And for the first time ever, the voluntary carbon market almost peaked US$1 bn in 2021.

Voluntary Carbon Market - Demand + Forecast

graphic: Voluntary carbon market - demand and forecast


"Many companies have pinned their climate strategies on existing carbon prices, so understanding the market today and how it might look in the future has never been more important – both for companies to achieve their targets and global climate action."

Michael Weber, Director Carbon Portfolio, South Pole

The voluntary carbon market
Eight things to know for the year ahead

Read more about:

  • What's happening in the voluntary carbon market today
  • Why rising carbon price drives internal reductions and enables more and more ambitious projects to be developed
  • The impact of COP26 on the carbon market
  • What significant changes are coming to the market

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