A leading advisor and provider of global renewable energy solutions, South Pole is your trusted partner on the journey to 100% renewables

South Pole applies in-house expertise on greenhouse gas accounting gained over a decade of monitoring the impacts of climate projects to provide robust labels that certify that companies and events are powered exclusively by renewables.

We can also help our clients understand their energy footprint, set targets, find renewable procurement solutions and report achievements.

Our best-in-class labels are aligned with the highest international standards

South Pole's 'Powered by 100% Renewable Electricity' label is closely aligned with the international RE100 commitment. To obtain the label, all electricity must come from renewable sources and evidence of this, in the form of contracts or certificates, must be provided.

This includes the reporting entity's operations defined, as per the GHG Protocol, as all Scope 2 emissions relating to the reporting entity's activities and any Scope 1 emissions relating to the generation of electricity by the entity.

To find out more, please contact us or refer to our Technical Guidance.

We help companies achieve and report renewable energy leadership using our labels or through the RE100 initiative

South Pole helps you understand your situation, design an effective response, and act through concrete interventions and projects.

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