South Pole's experience as CDP scoring partner and in the areas of climate change, water, forests and supply chains helps increase responses and scores.

South Pole supports organisations with questionnaire completion in line with the most recent changes in each of the CDP programmes. This gives insights into improving environmental performance and moving towards climate leadership.

About CDP

The CDP (formerly the "Carbon Disclosure Project") global disclosure system enables companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage environmental impacts. To date, CDP has built the most comprehensive collection of self-reported environmental data worldwide. This information is particularly significant for companies because institutional investors use disclosed data to inform their decision making, while big corporations take the information into account to analyse and engage with their supply chain

In 2018, over 7,000 companies responded to the questionnaires on climate action, deforestation and water security. Disclosure ensures a company's long-term sustainability and profitability. It also prepares them to respond to regulatory and policy changes in a world that strives towards a 1.5°C goal.

Climate Leadership with CDP and South Pole

Our Climate Leaders Programme reflects the CDP, Gold Standard and WWF recommendations on climate stewardship and prompts companies to accelerate their ambition:

Measure + Disclose:

  • Complete GHG accounting according to the GHG protocol
  • Transparent reporting on emissions for scope 1-3
  • Implementation of an internal carbon price to create incentives for further emission reductions

Reduction of climate impacts and risks in line with science:

  • Definition and implementation of a scientifically sound emission reduction target (Science Based Target)
  • Prepare a strategy for your company to transition to a low carbon economy

Financing the transition to a low-carbon economy:

  • Procurement/financing of renewable energies
  • Risk reduction in your supply chain
  • Financing climate action on the ground by purchasing and retiring verified emission reductions ("carbon credits")

South Pole supports these recommendations for climate action by offering companies concrete solutions for climate leadership, which help you to boost your CDP performance:

CDP questions 2019 South Pole solutions
C3.1 Business strategy: Does your organisation use climate-related scenario analysis to inform your business strategy?
C4.1 Targets & performance: Do you use a Science Based Target?
C.6 Emissions Data:
  • C6.1 Global Scope 1 emissions (tCO2)
  • C6.3 Global Scope 2 emissions (tCO2)
  • C6.5 Scope 3 emissions
C8.2 Energy: Do you purchase low-carbon energy?
C11.2 Project-based carbon credits
C12.4 Engagement: TCFD disclosure and supply chain

Our Climate Leaders Program supports you from assessing your ecological footprint through strategy development to the implementation of real measures for climate protection.

Disclosure challenge

We support companies to scale up efforts to reduce their GHG emissions in line with scientific recommendations and to protect natural resources, such as water and forests, while supporting sustainable livelihoods. Your CDP reporting is a decisive step on that journey. Whilst reporting to CDP has become mainstream, companies can benefit from working with South Pole in three main ways:

Understanding your CDP score

Companies often seek to understand why they achieved a certain scoring level, particularly compared to their sector peers.

It's important to understand the gaps and areas for improvement.

Our support helps you understand the score and define strategies accordingly.

Filling the CDP questionnaire

Depending on the company, disclosure can be very time intensive.

Valuable points are often lost due to a lack of resources, consistency, misinterpretation of the required data and insufficient quality of responses.

Understanding CDP methodology updates

Companies may struggle to be up to date concerning all changes made in technical CDP documents from one to another disclosure cycle.

CDP launched sector specific questions with 18 specific scoring methodologies.1

3 steps for better CDP disclosure

South Pole has scored over 1,300 company responses in CDP's water and forest programme. Based on our scoring expertise we offer a simple 3-step approach to understand your CDP scoring results and to improve the transparency and quality of your CDP response.

Understand the score:

South Pole's gap analysis examines your previous year's questionnaire to identify main response gaps in comparison to the most recent CDP scoring methodology and guidance. During this analysis, South Pole also benchmarks your CDP responses with your peers to identify opportunities to improve your response.

Fill the questionnaire:

South Pole prepares a draft version of the full CDP climate change questionnaire for your review. In a further step, South Pole finalises the questionnaire and incorporates any necessary changes. The analysis includes research and revision of existing public information and gathering internal non-public information that can be used to close gaps. We will present the recommendations for further action throughout the year in preparation for the following disclosure cycle.

Scoring simulation:

We score your 2019 CDP questionnaire by applying the 2019 CDP scoring methodology to estimate the potential final score. A scoring simulation is recommended to understand at question level where your company could be losing most of its points. This exercise helps to gauge the potential effects of the actions planned for the rest of the calendar year and the effect it could have in the next CDP cycle to improve your position in the CDP programme.

Your advantage: CDP disclosure as part of corporate climate leadership

Improve the quality and transparency of your CDP response with us:

  • Improve your score: we have a proven track record of positive effects on CDP disclosure. Not only can we professionalise your reporting, but we also advise on how to develop your sustainability strategy and lessen your environmental impacts
  • Save time: our experts work on the quality and transparency of your CDP report so that your team can focus on reducing the company's environmental impact
  • Save costs: we know what we have to do – regardless of a changing framework. We get it done quickly and efficiently – that can ultimately lead to savings compared to inhouse CDP reporting
  • Improve your credibility: by working with a third party of South Pole's international reputation, you demonstrate your belief in transparency
  • Communicate your success: South Pole's specialist team of marketing experts can support the communication of your success story

Increase corporate climate leadership with us:

Become a climate leader: we support you from designing to implementing your sustainability strategy. Check out our further offer here.

1For 2019, there are up to 70% changes on a module level comparing the 2018-2019 CC questionnaire versions.

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